14 Easy and Stylish Ponytail Hairstyles for All Hair Lengths

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14 Ponytail Hairstyles | If you’re looking for easy hairstyles for medium hair or for long hair, this collection of tutorials will inspire you! Perfect for work, a lazy day at home, or a night out with the girls, we’re sharing our favorite high, low, braided, elegant, messy, and unique ponytails, along with a couple of ponytails with bangs to take your look from good to great! #ponytail #ponytailhairstyles #ponytailtutorials

The ponytail has to be one of my absolute favourite hairstyles. Since I was young, I’ve always loved putting my hair up in ponytails. Ponytail hairstyles used to be a convenient way to keep my hair out of my face, but now they’re much more than that.

With so many cute ponytail hairstyles to choose from, you can make a ponytail work for anywhere from work, to a night out with friends or a date with your S.O. Check out our collection of 14 easy and stylish ponytail hairstyles for all hair lengths!

How to do a Perfect Ponytail: 3 Basics for Beginners

1. Know the Look You Want
The ponytail may be a simple hairstyle, but there are a number of ponytail looks you can aim to achieve. Decide on the look you want before you start your hairstyle so you can perfect it with the right tools and techniques!

2. Stack Two Ponytails for a Longer, More Voluminous Ponytail Updo
Ponytail hairstyles can sometimes be a little bit lifeless. If you want a more voluminous ponytail stack one ponytail on top of another for a longer pony. We’ve included a video below detailing how to get this simple and voluminous ponytail look!

3. Add Product to Keep it in Place
If you want your perfect ponytail to stay in place throughout the day (or night), make sure to use a good hair holding hairspray. One of the best hairsprays for ponytails is the Big Sexy Hair Spray and Play Volumizing Hairspray.

Easy Ponytail Hairstyles in Less Than Five Minutes

5 Minute Ponytail Routine | Fancy Hair

This 5 minute ponytail is super chic and can be worn day to day or dressed up for a night out. It’s an easy and versatile look to achieve, all you need is a good hairspray and a curling wand to add some texture to the look.

My 5 Minute Perfect Ponytail Using The Chi Air Spin N’ Curl | laineymariebeauty

Check out how to get this gorgeous ponytail hairstyle using the Chi Air Spin N Curl. It’s a simple look that only takes 5 minutes, but it will look like you put tons of effort and time into it!

Braided Ponytail Hairstyles

Super Easy Braid Ponytail | LifeofMeganandLiz

This easy braided ponytail is one you’ll go back to again and again. It’s a super simple everyday hairstyle you can whip up in just a few minutes. All you need to get this look is a teasing brush, small hair ties, and Fructis hairspray to set it in place. She shows you the step-by-step for how to create a dutch braid with a ponytail and the end result is gorgeous!

5 Ponytail Hairstyles | Braided Ponytail Hairstyles | Braidandstyles12

In this tutorial, she demonstrates how to do five ponytail hairstyles and I love the ones where she incorporates braids into the look. Her dutch braid side pony is gorgeous and perfect for any occasion and her dutch fishtail ponytail is extremely elegant! She uses combs and hair elastics to get the looks!

Ponytail with Bangs: 2 Looks We Love

Easy Side Bangs Without Scissors and Ponytail How to | Theodore Leaf

If you love the look of bangs but don’t want to take the leap to cut them, check out how to create a side bang ponytail look in this video! She uses bobby pins and elastics and gives her ponytail dimension by going over it with a flat iron!

Cute, Easy Hairstyles with Bangs | Loepsie

If you have bangs, this tutorial is perfect for you! She shows you how to get three hairstyles with bangs, including a gorgeous tousled ponytail. She uses a curling wand with a 25mm barrel and heat protectant spray to make sure she doesn’t burn her hair!

Ponytail Hairstyles for Work

7 Days of Ponytails | Kayley Melissa

You get a whole week of hairstyles with this video and they’re all perfect for work! What I love most about them is that they’re simple to do in the morning, but still look gorgeous and can take you from work to any post-work plans you have! She also demonstrates how to get really pretty waves with a curling iron for all the looks!

Polished and Volumized Ponytail | The Small Things Blog

A polished ponytail is perfect for work and this one is simple to create! She starts by curling her hair with a 1 ¼ barrel curling iron for loose waves and adds texture spray. Once she’s done the ponytail look, she uses a flexible finishing spray for a soft ponytail look.

Elegant Ponytail Hairstyles

Three Simple Fancy Ponytails | Tessi Wood

Check out this video for three elegant ponytail looks! Make sure to have a hair clip to hold your hair in place while you’re creating the styles, but otherwise you just need an elastic and bobby pins! She also notes you can use a clear mascara to keep baby hairs in place.

How to Do an Elegant Ponytail | Style Yourself Beautiful

This ponytail is so simple but extremely elegant at the same time! It only takes two minutes to do, but it will look like you really spent time on getting the style. All you need is two small elastic bands and you’re good to go!

Messy Ponytail Hairstyles

How to: Messy Voluminous Ponytail Hairstyle | Alex Gaboury

This messy voluminous ponytail hairstyle is simple easy to achieve. She starts by increasing texture with the Klorane dry shampoo and adds even more messiness to it by teasing the base of the ponytail.

Easy Messy Textured Ponytail | Marianna Hewitt

One of the best beach hairstyles has to be a messy, textured ponytail. To get his adorable look she uses products like the Garnier Sleek & Shine Air Humidity Hairspray. This is the perfect ponytail hairstyle for all you short hair gals!

Unique Ponytail Hairstyles

9 Ponytail Hairstyles | Heatless, Easy and Simple | Lyss Ryan

With this video, you get not one but NINE awesome ponytail hairstyles. While some are classic, others are totally unique, like “the one you saw on Instagram” and “The Pinterest looking one”. Check out all the looks for ponytails you can wear every day of the week!

Pinterest Inspired Braided Ponytail | braidsandstyles12

This Pinterest inspired hairstyle is definitely unique and can work for different occasions. It’s great if you want a slick back ponytail hairstyle with a twist! She demonstrates exactly how to do the braids to get the look you want, and all you need is a hair elastic!

Ponytail hairstyles can be elegant, casual or professional. Use these tutorials to get different ponytail looks from day to night!

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