17 Thoughtful Back to School Teacher Gifts Kids Can Make

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17 Back to School Teacher Gifts Kids Can Make | Looking for cheap but meaningful 1st day of school gifts for the teachers in your life? Perfect for kids in preschool, kindergarten, and elementary school to make, these DIY gifts kids can make will not disappoint! Created with supplies you can pick up at dollar stores everywhere, these ideas are equal parts creative and inexpensive and will look good in your little one's classroom! #backtoschool #teachergifts #giftskidscanmake

Summer is almost over, and it’s time to start thinking about back to school teacher gifts kids can make. They don’t need to be extravagant, hard, or even over the top—a cute and thoughtful gift to show how excited they are for the new year is all you need. Not only does the teacher enjoy receiving a gift, but your kids will love making a present for their new teacher too.

17 Back To School Teacher Gifts Kids Can Make

Each of these back to school teacher gifts kids can make are a great lesson in respecting their teacher right from the get-go. They can feel good about being thoughtful and showing their new teacher how much they care. Plus, you will have fun helping them and working on these projects alongside your child too. It’s a win all around if you ask me. 🙂

Crayon Covered Jars | Felt Magnet
These Crayon-covered jars are so adorable. They have fun bright colors that can make anyone light up. All you need are some Crayons, clean jars, tape or glue, ribbon and fillers for the gift. Your kids can fill the jars with candy or even flowers.

Tie-Dye Bookmarks | Happy Hooligans
Teachers and books just go together. This tie-dye bookmark is one of those back to school teacher gifts kids can make that will actually get some serious use from most teachers. Plus, it’s a blast to create! Just grab some Sharpie Markers and rubbing alcohol and your kiddos can throw some of these together in no time.

Tickled Pink Gift Idea | Fun Squared
This is such a fun idea! Let your child add pink items to your shopping cart: penscandya picture frame, and jewelry are just a few ideas to consider. Tip: you aren’t limited to just pink—you can recreate this same gift idea using any color scheme you’d like.

DIY Bath Salts | Totally The Bomb
These bath salts only take 3 ingredients to make! Can you believe that? Your kids will love putting them together in little gift jars for their teachers too. Put a cute ribbon them, and they make a wonderful gift idea. Plus, your child’s teacher will appreciate a nice bath soak after the first few stressful days of school!

Plastic Perler Bead Bowls | Meaningful Mama
These are the perfect back to school teacher gifts kids can make! They are cheerful, bright, and just fun to make. Your child’s teacher will love how thoughtful and creative they are too.

Modern Tile Coasters | Merriment Design
These modern tile coasters are gorgeous and can even be made by your preschoolers! This is a back to school teacher gift that kids can make that look like they were purchased in a store. These will likely get a lot of use by your child’s teacher throughout the school year, too.

DIY Pencil Cup | That’s What Che Said
Every teacher needs a charming pencil holder! This DIY back to school teacher gift kids can make is excellent for any age level. They are easy to make, and you only need a few simple items to complete this craft.

Diy Apple Jar | The 36th AVENUE
Your child’s teacher is going to be smiling from ear to ear when they get this awesome gift. Fill the jar with M&M’s, gum, paper clips, or anything else you think your child’s teacher will enjoy.

Homemade Gourmet Chocolates | The Nurture Store
Let’s face it; everyone loves chocolate – especially handmade gourmet chocolate! Don’t be intimidated – this one is easy to make, and your kids will love to taste test their creations.

Drawing On Candles | Family Chic
Your kids have a chance to get extra creative with these candles. Each one can be personalized, and they are relaxing and fun to make. All you need are some candles and a little bit of imagination.

Teachers Help Small Things Grow | Giggles Galore 
This is one of my favorite back to school gifts kids can make because it is so thoughtful and sweet! Plus, you can’t help but smile when you see it.

Olivia Crayon Wreath | PharMA
Teachers will never have enough cute crayon gifts. This wreath is so much fun to put together, and the result is lovely. It has lots of bright colors and will look delightful in your child’s classroom.

Diy Apple Cake Pops | Bakerella.com
Not only are these apple cake pops awesome, but they taste great too. If you haven’t made cake pops before, this recipe will walk you through how to do it step by step.

Diy Sticky Note Holder | Regina Lord Of Creative Kismet
There is no doubt that teachers go through a lot of sticky notes. This gift is fantastic because they will have the perfect place to keep their sticky notes from now on! It’s a simple gift that your child will enjoy making.

Handmade Clipboard | Plaid
Break out the scrapbook paper and make this lovely handmade clipboard gift. This back to school gift is easy for kids to make, and the teacher will love it.

Nacho Themed Gift Basket | Fun Squared
Nachos are like the universal love language for food, lol, and this back to school gift is sure to be a hit.

Sugar Scrub Cubes | Smart School House 
Your kids can make any color of sugar scrub cubes they wish. Their teacher is going to be so excited to try them out and will appreciate their hard work.

There you have it! I hope you found some inspiration for back to school gifts kids can make to start the school year off right, and earn an A+ for effort.

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