9 Easy Ways to Put Your Hair Up When You’re Running Late

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9 Easy Ways to Put Your Hair Up | Don't know how to put your hair up? Need cute ways to style your hair when you're running late? Searching for hairstyles to hide the fact that you haven't washed your hair in 3 days? We've got you covered! Whether you have short hair, medium hair, or long hair, we've curated the best step by step hair tutorials to teach you how to put your hair up fast! From ponytails, to jaw clip hairstyles, to braided hairstyles and more, these updos are easy and classy!

For the mornings you find yourself running out the door, it’s helpful to have easy ways to put your hair up. Putting your hair up can make you look more put together, which is great when you’re feeling rushed. From claw clips to bobby pins and even pencils, we’ve rounded up effortless and easy ways to get your hair off your face and neck whether you have short, medium or long hair. Check out our favourite looks!

3 Hair Essentials to Invest In

1. Claw Clip
‘90s hairstyles are super trendy right now and it doesn’t get more ‘90s nostalgic than claw clips. With so many chic ways to wear your hair, a claw clip is definitely an essential to invest in.

2. Bobby Pins
Bobby pins are another smart hair investment. They keep strands out of your face and are easy to put in your hair when you’re in a pinch! You can create entire updo hairstyles with bobby pins alone, so these little guys are key.

3. Dry Shampoo
While dry shampoo is great for second, third and even fourth day hair, it can also make your just-washed hair easier to manage. Use it for extra volume and texture before you put your hair up!

3 Easy Ways to Put Your Hair Up When It’s Short

How to Braid Very Short Hair | Easy Milk Maid, Dutch Braid Tutorial | Mallory Brooke

If you’re struggling with how to put up your short hair, this Dutch braid tutorial is here to help! She lets you in on some helpful and surprising tips and tricks, and takes you through Dutch braiding step by step. She recommends doing this hairstyle on second day hair and once you’ve practiced a few times, you’ll be able to do it with ease. You’ll need small clear elastics, a strong hold hairspray and bobby pins.

Easy Half Up Top Knot | Chancy Cone

A half up top knot is a go-to for short hair. Not only is it easy to do, it’s such a cute look that flatters short-haired gals. She provides her best tips for doing this look with short strands and all you need are bobby pins, a thin hair tie and hair spray.

11 Super Easy Hairstyles with Bobby Pins for Short Hair | Milabu

Bobby pins are a great alternative to hair ties and you can create really cool looks with them when you have short hair. This video features 11 different ways to put your hair up and back with bobby pins, from a side bun to a Bohemian half updo to a messy top knot. If you have a bunch of bobby pins laying around, use them to your advantage when you’re running late.

3 Easy Ways to Put Your Hair Up When It’s Medium Length

How to Wear a Claw Clip | Easy Hairstyles | Luxy Hair

The 90’s are back in a big way and claw clips are one of the best ways to get the 90’s vibe. In this tutorial, you’ll learn 3 ways to wear claw clips including a half up do, a twist and a slick back bun look. Claw clips are a great way to elevate your look and give your outfit a touch of chic! All of these looks are super easy to do and you’re sure to look fab!

Space Buns on Medium Length Hair | Jacklyn Uy

Space buns are in and this is a very elegant way to wear them. It’s a super simple style to do when you’re running late and all you need is a rattail combsmall elastics and bobby pins. She braids her hair before wrapping it into a bun, which creates much more tame space buns. It’s a really cute look you can wear to school, brunch or on vacation.

How to Fishtail Braid: Super Easy Tutorial | Meghan Rienks

Medium length hair is the perfect length for a fishtail braid. Learn this simple way to do a fishtail look and get your hair off your neck! She starts with damp hair and uses a blow dry spray before using heat on it and once she finishes the braid she uses hair spray to lock everything in. If you’ve been confused about how to do a fishtail braid, she explains it effortlessly!

3 Easy Ways to Put Your Hair Up When It’s Long

Pencil Bun | Easy Style for School | Abby Smith

If you don’t have a hair elastic and need to get your hair up ASAP, you can create an easy pencil bun. This is especially ideal if you’re sitting at your desk at school or work and have a pencil nearby. Follow her simple steps to create a messy twisted bun and hold it in place with a pencil. She also shows you how to create a half-up pencil bun and another way to weave in your pencil for an updo look.

The 2 Minute Rope Braid Hairstyle | The Freckled Fox

If you’re looking for a super quick, effortless braided hairstyle, this rope braid is perfect! It takes 2 minutes tops so you can easily do it just before you run out the door. To help style the braid and get good grip and hold, she starts off with a dry shampoo. You’ll also need a hair brushhair tie and hair spray. The braid only uses 2 pieces of hair instead of 3, so it’s great if you want a braided look but aren’t good at creating braids!

3 Easy Claw Clip Hairstyles (‘90s and French Twist) | Hannah Warling

On the search for claw clip looks for long hair? We’ve got you covered! This tutorial demonstrates how to do 3 super trendy and super easy claw clip hairstyles, including a claw clip ponytail, a half up ponytail style and a French twist updo. You only need two products for these looks – a hair brush and of course, a claw clip!

These hairstyles are life savers when you’re running late! No matter your hair length, you can create looks that are chic, trendy and of course, effortless.

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