Exercise As a Couple: 5 Partner Workouts to Stay Motivated

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5 Partner Workouts to Stay Accountable | If you struggling to stay motivated with your workouts and fitness goals, couple workouts are a great idea! Whether you prefer to exercise at home or at the gym - with or without equipment - creating a workout routine you can do together is a great way to challenge each other and stay on track. This post includes tons of tips to keep each other accountable, at home workout essentials to invest in, and 5 workouts you can do together today!

Do you feel like you’re in a rut when it comes to working out? Partner workouts are one of the best ways to boost motivation, stay accountable and reach your fitness goals. Exercising with your significant other can be as good for your relationship as it is for your health and fitness. You’ll have fun together, push each other to do your best and celebrate your wins together. Check out our favorite partner workouts to stay motivated below!

5 Benefits of Partner Workouts

1. Motivation
When you have someone who’s relying on you to workout, it motivates you to actually get the workout done. Otherwise, you can fall into the trap of making excuses and not getting exercise in at all. Doing partner workouts also motivates you during your workout. A little bit of encouragement can push you to keep going and get the most out of it.

2. Friendly Competition
When you do a solo workout, it’s easier to slack off because no one’s with or watching you. Having healthy competition is always good for a workout. Neither of you will want to fall behind, so it adds a boost of motivation to keep you going.

3. You Can Be More Adventurous
When you workout with your partner, you can try new exercises you’ve never done before. It’s so much fun to try new things and find new activities you love. It’s great to workout with someone who enjoys different types of exercise than you. It’s a great way to mix things up and learn from them!

4. It’s More Fun
Working out with your partner is much more fun than working out on your own! Exercising by yourself can get a little lonely, but when you have someone by your side, you can share the highs and lows of working out together. Mixing training with a little bit of banter can make things more enjoyable!

5. Improves Your Mental Health
Exercise boosts your endorphins on its own, and having someone to workout with will make you even happier and less stressed. You’ll enjoy your workout more, meet your goals faster and celebrate your wins together. It will put you in a great headspace that will improve your mental health during and between your workouts.

3 Workout Essentials to Invest In

1. Extra Wide Workout Mat 
An extra wide workout mat is ideal for partner workouts. You won’t feel limited or restricted and with a non-stick surface, you’ll get the ultimate training experience.

2. Dumbbells
Dumbbells are great, especially if the two of you lift different weights. Each of you can lift dumbbells you’re comfortable with while doing the exact same workout. It’s the best of both worlds!

3. Medicine Ball
A medicine ball is an excellent piece of equipment for partner workouts. There are great exercises where you can pass it back and forth and it will add a decent challenge to your workouts. Make sure to use a medicine ball with a weight that works for both people.

4 Tips to Keep Each Other Accountable

1. Create a regular, consistent workout routine
2. Talk about what you love and what you struggle with during your workouts.
3. Set goals and push each other to reach them.
4. Offer constructive criticism and be open to feedback from your partner.

5 Partner Workouts for Weight Loss

1. 15 Min Partner Workout (Full Body Tone at Home) | MadFit

This partner workout targets the whole body with moves like alternating weighted squats, plank high fives and passed weighted sit ups. You’ll need dumbbells for this workout and a good amount of space to make the most out of it!

2. 20 Minute Full Body Partner Workout (High Intensity/No Equipment) | Juice & Toya

This full bodyweight workout is perfect to do with your partner. You don’t need any equipment- just each other! It’s broken down into three different super sets and is fast-paced and challenging. This workout is strength based and will get your heart rate up like a cardio workout.

3. Partner Workout with Kelli & Daniel | Fitness Blender

This 9-minute partner workout consists of 8 exercises and they suggest doing your own warm up and cool down for this routine. You’ll need a weighted object like a medicine ball and you and your partner will go through moves like partner squat and rows, switch sides and leg raise push downs.

4. No Equipment Intense Full Body Crusher – HIIT Workout | No Repeat | Stronger Together | growingannanas

If you and your partner are looking for a longer, more intense workout, you’re going to love this one! It’s a bodyweight workout with no equipment that works your upper body, lower body and abs. They also take you through a short warm up to get your body ready for the routine!

5. 15 Minute Bodyweight Partner Workout (15 Full Body Partner Exercises) | nourishmovelove

If you’re looking for a fun, total body partner workout, this one includes 15 moves like partner planks, push ups, squats, lunges and more. Even though it’s just 15 minutes of work, it’s a total body burner, especially if you and your partner like to get a little competitive.

Ready to get your workout on as a couple? Try these tips and partner workouts to reach your health goals this year!

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