How to Grow Out Your Bangs & Still Look Stylish: 11 Tips and Hairstyles

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How to Grow Out Your Bangs | If you're looking for tips and hairstyles to make the process of growing out bangs less painful (and fast!), this post is for you! Whether you have short hair, shoulder length to medium hair, or long hair, there are tons of hair hacks and styles to ensure you look stylish in the in-between stages of growing out your bangs. Learn if you should opt for a side or middle part, which updos you should try, and other hair tips to make the process more manageable.

Bangs are a great way to change up your look. They can be edgy, soft, or heavy, and can make you feel like a new person! However, there comes a time in every fringed gal’s life when they know it’s time to grow them out. Bangs can be a big commitment due to their constant maintenance, so if you’re ready to move on from them, we totally understand. It takes time and patience to grow out your bangs, and you’ll need to continue maintenance on them for about four to five months before they’re fully grown out. Take a look at our best tips on how to grow out your bangs so they’re as flattering as possible at every length!

5 Tips to Keep Your Bangs Manageable As They Grow Out

1. Get Regular Trims
Although it may seem contradictory to trim your bangs while you’re trying to grow them out, regular bang trims will help your fringe grow longer, more quickly. When you trim your hair, your hair becomes healthier, absorbing moisture and vitamins to help it grow. If you’re growing out your bangs, get them trimmed about every six weeks to keep them looking great.

2. Keep Your Hair Hydrated
Well hydrated hair is important when you’re growing out your bangs, as moisture prevents breakage. Use a deep conditioning mask every other week, or every week for processed hair. This will keep your hair well moisturized and healthy. When styling your hair, choose products with some weight to them, to keep stubborn flyaways intact!

3. Choose a Side
When you’re growing out your bangs, you’ll want to move from a centre part to a side part (either left or right). Angle it down slightly from the crown of your head, as an angled part is best for the growing out process. When your bangs are on a slight angle and parted to one side, you’re able to better camouflage an awkward length and keep them in place with a weighted product.

4. Add Texture
As your bangs grow longer, adding texture is key! When you’re styling your hair, think fluffy and texturized. Spritz your hair with a texture boosting hairspray and place no-crease clips around the front to set your hair in a wave pattern. Let your hair sit like this for about 20 minutes, or apply heat to it with a blow dryer. Remove the clips and add in hairspray for more texture and to help the wave stay in place.

5. Bring Hair Length Up
Once your bangs are almost grown in (after about three months of growing them out), consider bringing your hair length up so you can more easily blend your bangs in. Layer around your face so your bangs can camouflage easier and continue creating a wave pattern like we talked about above to blend in your front pieces.

6 Hairstyles for Gals Who Are Growing Out Their Bangs

1. Braided Crown

A braided crown that sits along the hairline is a great option for disguising bangs of an awkward length. It will keep your bangs from getting in your eyes, plus a braided crown is a gorgeous way to elevate your look. If you have shorter bangs, use a hair gel to keep strands from poking out, and finish with hairspray to keep everything in place!

2. 3 Easy Hairstyles for Grown Out Bangs via Angie Jeanelle

These three hairstyles are super easy to create and all you need are bobby pins and a headband for the final style. She demonstrates how to get each look quickly, while also making it look like you put a ton of effort in. If you’re growing out your bangs, these hairstyles make the process look effortless and stylish!

3. A Headband Look

When you grow out your bangs, they get to a length that becomes awkward and annoying. If you want to get your bangs out of your eyes, use a thin headband to bring them back, away from your face. No matter the length of your fringe, you can create a headband hairstyle, and with so many versatile headband styles, from beaded to velour, you can wear them from day to night, and for any occasion!

4. Hairstyles for Growing Out Bangs via Mallory Brooke

This tutorial covers two beautiful hairstyles to do while growing out your bangs. She does them with a centre part, but they can also be done with a side part if you prefer! She uses the Moroccan Oil Dry Texture SprayGot 2B Glued Blasting Freeze Spray, and bobby pins to keep each look in place! She gives you tips for holding down pesky pieces that poke out, so the styles look great all day long!

5. Pinned Back

When your fringe is growing out, disguise the awkward length by pinning it back to one side. Part your hair at an angle, brush it to the side using a weighted product and secure it in place with bobby pinsbarrettes or clips. This will help keep your hair out of your face and your bangs tamed.

6. My Go-To Hairstyles for Grown Out Bangs via Sincerely, Sarah C.

Growing out your bangs can be quite the process – it takes longer than you may think and that’s why it’s key to know hairstyles that will get you through the awkward bang length phase! Half of these are ways that she styles the bangs, and half are ways that she hides them when she wants them out of her face. If your bangs are too long to wear down, but too short to pull back behind your ears, these hairstyles are for you! She uses a mini straightener that’s perfect for bangs!

Ready to grow out your bangs? We hope you loved our tips and hairstyles that will make the process as seamless as possible!

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