How to Style a Choppy Bob Haircut: 9 Tips and Tutorials

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How to Style a Choppy Bob Haircut: 9 Tips and Tutorials | If you've been thinking about getting a choppy bob cut or lob cut, with or without bangs, we've rounded up all the essentials and tutorials you need to style your new look! Try this modern bob with all the layers, texture, and volume for effortless styling whether you have fine hair or thick hair! Click to learn how to elevate your short hairstyle with natural curls, loose beach waves, half updos, and a 60's hair flip we love!

The choppy bob is all the rage right now. From celebs like Elizabeth Olson to Aubrey Plaza, Emma Stone and Zendaya rocking the cool girl cut, it’s clear this hairstyle is here to stay. If you’ve been thinking about getting a choppy bob haircut, we’ve rounded up all the essentials and products you need, plus our best tips and tutorials for styling your new cut.

What is a Choppy Bob Haircut?

A choppy bob is an effortlessly chic haircut that lays somewhere between your ears and the top of your neck. The choppy bob is a modern take on the bob haircut that has short layers, giving the look more volume, movement and texture. Whereas a classic bob is blunt and cut evenly, a choppy bob is spiced up with layers.

7 Choppy Bob Haircut Essentials to Invest In

1. Blow dryer with diffuser
2. Flat iron
3. Curling iron
4. Texture spray
5. Dry shampoo
6. Wide tooth comb
7. Sectioning clips

5 Choppy Bob Haircut Styling Tips and Hacks

1. Use texture spray to add that effortless, lived-in look to your hairstyles. It provides workable hold and helps create loose waves that stay in place all day. If you love the look of a textured wavy bob, texture spray is a must.

2. Try strong-hold hair products to prolong styling. If you want to keep your choppy bob hairstyles intact for multiple days in row, try products that repel humidity like the L’ange Thermal Blowout Primer. It locks in your style with a humidity-resistant barrier that reduces frizz to keep your style looking fresh. If you want more bounce in your hair, use velcro rollers after curling it to help with longevity.

3. To help boost the volume and movement of your choppy bob, use products like a volumizing spray at the root of your hair for extra lift. It’s also a good idea to use a flat iron on the ends of your hair to show shape and definition. You can also use a hair wax to achieve a more piecey look.

4. If you have any type of wave or curl in your hair, try styling with a hair dryer and diffuser. A diffuser may also work on straight hair to add natural movement or texture, but it’s more so made for already textured hair. Use the diffuser on wet post-shower hair that’s been towel dried. Make sure to apply heat protectant, and for bob-length hair, focus the diffuser at the top of the head and then at the ends. Make sure to get into the hair so it’s dried evenly.

5. Maintenance matters when you have short hair. You should be getting your bob trimmed about every 6 weeks to maintain the shape and style. Typically, hair grows an average of half an inch per month and since a bob is a shorter hairstyle, you have to maintain it to keep the look. Of course this all has to do with preference- if you’re fine with your bob growing into a lob, then you can wait longer to go in for a chop.

4 Choppy Bob Haircut Styling Tutorials

1. How to Do Waves Like a Hair Stylist – Styling Beach Waves for Short Hair with a Flat Iron | Mallory Brooke 

If you have a short to mid-length choppy bob, this tutorial shows you how to get Instagram-worthy loose waves with a flat iron. It’s such an effortlessly chic hairstyle you can wear from day to night. She also uses products like the T3 Curling Iron SetBumble and Bumble Texture Spray and sectioning clips.

2. How I Style My Short Hair (Very Easy) | Claudia Sulewski 

If you’ve recently gotten a choppy bob haircut and are wondering how to style your new hair, this tutorial features hairstyles that are all super easy to do. From a 60s hair flip to a bun and a low wavy pony, these looks are super cute and fun! A flat iron is the only hot tool you’ll need, but you’ll also need products like a texturing spraydry shampoo and hairspray.

3. Wavy Bob | How I Style My Signature Hair | Vanessa Evelyn 

This tutorial is great if you have naturally curly or wavy hair. She shows you exactly how she styles her choppy bob into gorgeous waves. She uses products like a wide tooth comb, the Oribe Crème for Style and a hair dryer with a diffuser. She gives you tips for styling your wavy bob and also talks about how she keeps her hair healthy!

4. How I Curl My Short Hair | Cere Campbell 

This tutorial shows you how to get loose, undone waves. She uses a 1 ½ inch curling iron as well as a 1 ¼ inch curling iron for this hairstyle. She gives you her best tips and techniques for using each barrel size to get the desired look. She also recommends products like the Moroccan Oil Treatment Hair Oil and the Bumble and Bumble Thickening Go Big Treatment to keep your locks healthy.

If you’ve recently taken the plunge and got a choppy bob, we hope you love these tips and hairstyles to try!

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