Makeup for Fair Skin and Freckles: 14 Tips and Tutorials

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Makeup for Fair Skin and Freckles | If you're looking for tips on how to apply makeup for freckled skin, we've got you covered! With 14 application tips, products, videos, and step by step tutorials, we're sharing the best ideas for blondes and red heads with light skin tones. From the best foundation recos to enhance or hide freckles, to eye makeup ideas for fair skinned gals with green or blue eyes, to makeup tips to hide redness and blotchiness, don't miss these simple tricks and hacks!

Freckles are beautiful, but they can make makeup application rather confusing. If you have fair skin and freckles, you have a number of options, whether you want to highlight your freckles, hide them, or conceal specific areas. We’re all for showing off your freckles and making them pop, but we also know there may be times when you want to cover them up. Whatever you choose, we have the tips and tutorials for you! Check out our go-to guide on makeup for fair skin and freckles!

5 Tips and Products for Fair Skinned Gals

1. Concealer is Key
Fair skin tends to show blemishes and redness much more than darker skin does. Invest in a concealer that’s high coverage, creamy and non-drying so it doesn’t make your skin look cakey. You can use it to conceal your under eye bags as well as pesky red spots!

2. Blush > Bronzer
Sometimes bronzer can look too caked on when you’re pale. Instead, a baby pink blush will give you an instant glow and subtle flush. Blush makes your skin look healthier and more natural than a bronzer will! In fact, bronzer and shades other than baby pink can make your skin look orangey.

3. Always Wear Sunscreen
Everyone should wear sunscreen everyday, but it’s especially important if you’re a fair skinned gal. Try to keep your skin out of the sun as much as possible, but if you do go out in the sun, make sure to wear sunscreen with SPF of 30 or more (even in the winter!).

4. Beat Blotchiness
Blotchiness can be a serious pain for girls with fair skin. Use a redness corrector cream to banish blotchy skin and create a smooth, flawless foundation to apply the rest of your makeup!

5. Try Switching to Brown Mascara and Eyeliner
Black mascara and eyeliner tends to look harsh on super pale skin. Try switching to a dark brown shade for a more subtle, natural look. They’ll still highlight your eyes, and will blend in much better with your skin tone than black will.

3 Tips to Enhance Freckles

1. Choose a Sheer Foundation or Tinted Moisturizer
If you want to show off your freckles, choose a foundation that creates a sheer veil over the skin. A sheer foundationBB cream or tinted moisturizer will typically work best for this! Any product with too much opacity will make your freckles look muddy or hide them altogether.

2. Use a Cream Highlighter
Highlighter works beautifully on freckled skin. In addition to using a tinted moisturizer, add a luminous cream highlighter such as Fenty’s Shimmer Skinstick to make your skin look like it’s glowing from the inside out! The light-as-air shimmer formula allows you to highlight your cheekbone to give your skin a youthful look, while letting your freckles shine through.

3. Use a Brow Pencil to Deepen Your Freckles
If your freckles start to fade during winter, or if you want your freckles to be more pronounced any time of year, use a brow pencil such as Anastasia Brow Wiz to lightly deepen your freckles. It will give you a natural, sun-kissed look all year round!

3 Tips to Hide Freckles

1. Use a Colour Corrector Before Foundation
Using foundation over freckles that haven’t been colour corrected usually doesn’t look so great. A colour-correcting primer will help neutralize the colours, as well as prep your skin for the next makeup steps. If your freckles are more reddish in colour, use a green-hued corrector; if they’re more purplish, opt for a yellow-hued corrector. The Stila Correct & Perfect All in One Colour Correcting Palette is amazing!

2. Use Coverage Products That Match Your Skin’s Undertone
Make sure to pick coverage products that match your skin’s undertone, rather than the undertone of your freckles. Use the colour of your neck and chest to figure out the best concealer and foundation shades for your skin!

3. Use Smaller Brushes for Concealer
If you want to get precise coverage of your freckles, make sure to use a small tapered blending brush. You can target specific areas and create the coverage you desire! You can also use the tip of a Beautyblender to get the same effect.

Makeup for Fair Skin and Freckles: 3 Tutorials We Love

Flawless and Natural Makeup for Freckles | Shelbey Wilson

Want to learn how to subtly highlight your freckles with makeup? This tutorial teaches you how to get a natural makeup look for fair skin and freckles with products like the NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer, the NARS Multiple Stick and the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara! She also gives you tips and tricks for what’s worked for her when it comes to applying makeup with freckles, so make sure to take note!

Foundation for Freckles | Janessa Gornichec

Interested solely in how to do foundation for freckles? This tutorial is for you! She shows you how to apply foundation to where it looks as though you don’t even have it on. She uses the No 7 Airbrush Away Primer to help hide imperfections and fill in fine lines. For foundation, she uses the Josie Maran Vibrancy Foundation, formulated with argan oil. You can layer it, so you can wear it thick or thin, and it covers up any redness without covering up your freckles. She uses a Beautyblender to blend the foundation into her skin, creating a gorgeous, fresh face of makeup!

Everyday Makeup for Freckles | Foundation for Freckles and Faux Freckle How-To | Jessica Clements

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to make your freckles pop, as well as a great way to add extra faux freckles to your skin in the most natural way! She recommends products such as the Drunk Elephant Virgin Marula Antioxidant Face Oil, the L’Oreal Age Perfect Radiant Concealer, and the Laura Mercier Pure Canvas Primer. Whether you have only a few freckles or a face full of freckles, you’ll learn how to enhance them and really make your freckles pop!

Whether you want to flaunt your freckles or cover them up, we hope these tips and products will help you achieve a look you love!

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