New to Fitness: 8 Weight Loss Tips for Beginners

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Looking for weight loss tips for beginners? New to the gym? In dire need of dieting advice? Want to know the best cleanses, cleaning eating recipes, and at-home workouts for serious results? Need a little motivation to help you stay accountable to your weight loss goals? We’ve got you covered. We’re sharing the worst types of cardio for fat loss, a killer fat-burning fitness routine, a 7-minute workout to tighten and tone, and more!

The new year is the perfect time to set or update goals for your fitness regime. If you’re new to fitness, it’s even more important to figure out your weight loss targets and implement a fitness system that will work for you in the long run.

For many of us, the holiday season is filled with lots of food and drink, which taste great at the time, but don’t do anything to compliment our waistline down the road. One of the resolutions that hits my list every new year is to be consistent with my fitness routine and to work out at least 3 times a week.

It’s not always simple to know the best strategies for weight loss when you’re just starting out, but following these 8 tips will ensure you’re on the right track. It’s also important to stick to your fitness goals. One of the best ways to do this is to set fitness goals that are realistic for you. If you’re new to fitness, hold yourself accountable to working out twice a week. You can always set bigger goals once you know you can hold yourself to the minimum!

Remember, a proper exercise regime will work best when paired with a healthy diet and all around healthy lifestyle. Even if you do stick to a strict workout schedule, eating junk foods will take you three steps back. Stick to high protein snacks that keep you full and aid with weight loss for the best results!

Losing weight with a fitness routine can be a very exciting venture. It’s one piece of the puzzle towards a healthier lifestyle and with these following tutorials and tips, you’ll be on track to a successful year in the fitness realm!

1. Worst Types of Cardio for Fat Loss for Women by Live Lean TV

This tutorial is amazing because she shows you exactly what not to do if your goal is fat loss. She explains common mistakes women make at the gym and why their mistakes result in wasted workout time. Along with the 4 worst types of cardio for fat loss, she also recommends the 4 best types of cardio for fat loss so you can lose weight faster and more efficiently.

2. Total Body Workout + Weight Loss Tips!! Fat Burning Fitness Routine for Beginners, Home Exercise by Psyche Truth

If you’re new to fitness, you may be more comfortable sticking to an at home fitness routine, and that’s totally fine! This full body workout will help you burn fat and lose weight from your living room! It’s best to invest in a fitness mat to do the exercises on so it’s more comfortable. Make sure to follow her suggestions, which is very important when you’re doing at home workouts!

3. Working Out – A Beginner’s Guide (8 Need-To-Knows!) by LeanSecrets

This is an amazing video for anyone who is just getting start with fitness. She will ease your mind if you’re nervous about hitting the gym and demonstrate the proper form and techniques you should be using, especially at the beginning stages. She shows you the basics and teaches you how to get the most out of different exercises. She also emphasizes the importance of mentally preparing to take this fitness journey.

4. Beginner Fat Burning Workout to Lose Weight in 4 Weeks (Home Exercises) by Joanna Soh

This workout is super easy to follow and extremely effective if you’re new to fitness! The best part? If you do it consistently, it can make a major difference in just 4 to 6 weeks. You don’t need any equipment, but she does recommend combining the workout with some sort of cardio (swimming, running, etc.) to reach your weight loss goals.

5. 7 Minute Workout to Lose Weight Fast, Burn Fat and Tone Your Body by Lumowell

7 minute high intensity intervals are very effective for weight loss and blasting unwanted fat. I love this video because although it is high intensity movements, they are simple movements- think jumping jacks and squats. You’ll also see an easier substitute exercise if the exercise at hand is too difficult for you, which makes it ideal for any level, especially beginners.

6. Yoga for Weight Loss Beginners, Best Daily Yoga for Beginners by Danny’s Workout

Yoga is a great way to lose weight and stay in shape. It’s one of my favorite workouts to do throughout the week. I love this tutorial because it is simple enough for beginners to follow, yet is effective enough to ensure a great workout! The 20 minute routine takes you through beneficial exercises such as planks, lunges and stretches. Grab a yoga mat and get to it!

7. Will Lifting Weights Make You Bigger? | Weight Lifting for Beginners & Women by Super Sister Fitness

One of the biggest fitness myths for women is that lifting weights will make you bulky. I know a lot of females who don’t do weights because they think it will make their bodies overly muscular. That’s not the case. This video is so educational and so important to watch if you’re new to fitness, or even if you’re not! You’ll learn what strength training will do for you and why it’s essential to lift weights to benefit your body!

8. Fun Beginners Dance Workout for Weight Loss – At Home Cardio Exercise Dance Routine by Psyche Truth

As a former dancer, I had to throw this one in here! Dance is such a great workout and these simple beginner moves are sure to help you lose weight and get in shape. You’ll learn really simple dance steps such as chaines and pas de bourres, which are great cardio workouts! This routine is a fun way to get your body moving and lose unwanted belly fat.

If you’re new to fitness, don’t let yourself get overwhelmed. With these tips and tutorials, you’ll be able to hit your weight loss goals this year with simple and effective exercises!

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