10 adorable Easter traditions for kids

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Looking for Easter ideas for kids to get your little ones excited about the Easter bunny? From Easter crafts, activities, and scavenger hunts, to Easter decorations, foods, and treats, we’re sharing 10 of our favorite Easter traditions for kids that are sure to be a hit. Move over boring Easter baskets – we’ve got bigger and better ways to celebrate!

Can you believe Easter is just around the corner?

I can’t.

It feels like we just cleaned up all of the Easter decorations from last year.

Actually, that’s not true. After the snot-freezing cold weather we’ve been having this year, it feels like it’s been an eternity since I ate an Easter egg.

Anyway, now that my daughter is reaching an age where she’s starting to understand what the holidays are all about, I’m trying to come up with some fun (and adorable!) Easter traditions for kids to help get us all in the Easter spirit.

Here’s what I have so far.

EXCHANGE LETTERS WITH THE EASTER BUNNY. I used to write a letter to Santa every year, and he always wrote me a little message when he finished eating the cookies and milk I left out for him on Christmas Eve. So why not do the same thing with the Easter bunny? Your child can tell him anything – school, an upcoming family vacation, the fact that she just lost her first tooth – and he can make sure there’s a little note waiting for her when she wakes up on Easter morning!

PUT CARROTS AND WATER OUT BEFORE BED. This is similar to the whole cookies-and-milk thing for Santa…only it’s rabbit-friendly.

MAKE BUNNY FOOTPRINTS. A friend of mine gave me this idea, and I think it’s a hoot. All you need to do is draw a set of over-sized rabbit feet on a piece of paper, cut them out, place them on the floor, and sprinkle flour or talcum powder around the edges. If you strategically place these all over the house, your child will be even more convinced the Easter bunny was there!

LEAVE JELLY BEANS IN THE TOILET! What’s more exciting than finding out the Easter bunny pooped in your potty?!

ORGANIZE AN EASTER EGG SCAVENGER HUNT. We usually celebrate Easter with my in-laws, and once all of the eggs the Easter bunny brought have been hidden and stored away in everyone’s Easter baskets, my father-in-law banishes us to our respective rooms so he can set-up his annual Easter egg scavenger hunt. He hides large plastic eggs filled with treats all around their home, writes out clues that are easy enough for my niece and 3-year-old to read and find together, and once he decides we can all come back downstairs, he hands everyone an Easter basket full of clues. It sounds silly, but the kids find it so much fun, especially with the adults involved!

DO EASTER CRAFTS TOGETHER. There are so many different Easter crafts you can do with your kids in the weeks leading up to Easter. THIS LIST OF EASTER CRAFTS is great for toddlers, and THIS LIST OF EASTER CRAFTS is fabulous for older kids!

MAKE EASTER BUNNY PANCAKES! Once the Easter eggs have been collected (and eaten!), why not whip up a batch of bunny-shaped pancakes? Not handy in the kitchen? All you need is your favorite pancake mix and a rabbit cookie cutter, and you’re set!

START BAKING! There are HEAPS of different things you an bake, but I’m currently crushing on these Easter chick cupcakes by Bird on a Cake. Not only are they adorable, but they look so easy to make!

PLAY EASTER GAMES. Stumped for ideas? Check out these fun and easy egg games I found over on Martha Stewart!

MAKE CENTERPIECES. Why not decorate your dining table with some Easter fun? Crafts by Amanda has a ton of ideas, but I particularly like this cardboard tube funny rabbit family, don’t you?!

ENJOY AN EASTER MEAL! In our family, we always had my grandma’s famous yorkshire puddings, and if we were lucky enough, my mum would make her delicious rhubarb crumble.

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