10 Galentine’s Day Activities for Teens

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10 Galentine's Day Activities for Teens | Coined by Leslie Knopp (Amy Pohler’s character) in Parks and Recreation, Galentine’s Day is a day dedicated to showering your besties with love and celebrating the friendship you have for one another. From exchanging handmade gifts, to making crafts together, to finding fun places to go to celebrate, there are tons of fun things girls of all ages can do to celebrates their BFFs on February 13th, and we're sharing 10 ideas to inspire you and them!

Coined by Leslie Knopp (Amy Pohler’s character) in Parks and Recreation, Galentine’s Day is a day dedicated to showering your besties with love. Although it officially falls on February 13, or Valentine’s Day Eve, you can throw a Galentine’s Day celebration anytime in February. It’s a day all about celebrating the love and friendship you have for your girlfriends (or friends of all genders), and if you have a teen, they likely want to take the opportunity to celebrate with their besties. From making personalized heart-shaped pizzas, to having a girl power movie night, bouquet making, and so much more, check out these Galentine’s Day activities for teens!

10 Galentine’s Day Activities for Teens

1. Cupcake Decorating
Valentine’s Day, and in turn, Galentine’s Day is all about chocolates and sweets. Indulge in the essence of the day and have your teen and their friends decorate cupcakes. Make a batch of chocolate or vanilla cupcakes and stock up on all the fixings so they can go to town with their decorations. Think: icing in piping bags, sprinkles, and pretty much any red, pink, and white heart shaped candies you can find. Lay out a pink tablecloth on the dining room table and place all the toppings in fun bowls. Make sure each guest has a plate and don’t forget themed napkins, paper cups, and yummy snacks for them to enjoy!

2. Bouquet Making
Another fun Galentine’s Day activity for teens is bouquet making. Buy a few bunches of flowers, as well as greenery and fillers, like eucalyptus and baby’s breath. Be sure to have big buckets of water to keep the flowers in and ask the attendees to bring a vessel of their choice (mason jar, vase, etc.). They’ll have so much fun putting together their bouquets, and will be able to leave with their creations in hand.

3. At-Home Mani Day
Manicures are a quintessential Galentine’s Day activity. Along with providing your own polish colours, ask all the guests to bring their favourite shades so everyone has lots to choose from! Fill a table with the polishes, nail files, and nail art tools. Your teen and her friends can take turns painting each other’s nails and creating fun designs. Consider having some spa-themed snacks available like finger sandwiches, fresh fruit and veggies, and a fun mocktail.

4. Go Out for Brunch
If your teen’s friends get the go-ahead from their parents, book a Galentine’s Day brunch at a trendy local restaurant. Ask your teen for their input as there’s probably somewhere aesthetic they’d like to go. Going out for brunch is such a fun activity for teens. They can dress up in Galentine-themed outfits, sip on mocktails, and eat brunch staples like waffles, eggs Benedict, and shakshuka.

5. Karaoke Party
Does your teen and her friends like to belt out their favourite songs? Host an at-home karaoke party. Set up a karaoke machine so they can sing their favourite songs either solo or as a group. Recommend that your teen creates a playlist ahead of time with all their go-to songs. Now that you have the music covered, make sure you have fun party food like mini burgers, chips and dips, and pizza.

6. Have a Girl Power Movie Night
A movie night is always a fun idea for teens! They can dress in their favourite PJs, order pizza, and munch on delicious snacks. There are so many awesome movies with an overarching theme of ‘girl power’, from ‘Barbie’ to ’13 Going on 30′ to ‘Legally Blonde’, and so many more. Have them choose their favourites to watch in the comfort of your living room!

7. Plan a Secret Cupid
We’ve all heard of Secret Santa, but why not switch it up for Galentnie’s Day with a game of Secret Cupid? Before the day of the party, everyone picks a name out of a hat and gets that person a gift. Make sure to set a reasonable budget (maybe around $20) and buy a gift you know your friend will love. If you’re crafty, you could even make them a gift!

8. Painting Party
Allow your teen to get artsy with her BFFs by throwing a painting party. They can choose to paint anything from a traditional blank canvas, to tote bags, flower pots, or glass mugs. Make sure your space has ample room to sit as well as good lighting. You’ll need materials like paintpaint brushes, cups of water, paint palettes, a disposable table cloth, and your canvases of choice. Create a fun party atmosphere by playing music while everyone’s painting. Get your teen to ask her friends for song requests to create a playlist!

9. Make Heart-Shaped Pizzas
Heart-shaped pizzas are so cute and are a perfect activity for Galentine’s Day. Buy some pre-made dough and heart-shaped pans and have your teen and her besties make their own pizzas! Stock up on go-to pizza toppings, from mozzarella and pepperonis, to mushrooms, banana peppers, pineapple, and more. Stick them in the oven and have them enjoy a delicious pizza lunch!

10. Book an Afternoon Tea
An afternoon tea is such a fun outing for a group of girlfriends! You can choose your own tea as well as delicious dainty food options that usually include tea sandwiches, scones, and other sweet treats. Although it’s not necessary, the gals can consider dressing in their fanciest outfits to really embrace the occasion!

Galentine’s Day is such a special occasion no matter your age. Plan one of these activities for your teen and her friends so they can celebrate their friendship with a day of love!

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