16 Easy and Beautiful Shell Crafts for Kids

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16 Easy Shell Crafts for Kids | Collecting sea shells on the beach is a core childhood memory for many, but what do you do with them when you get home? If you're looking for fun art projects to do with your kids, grab your shells and give some of these ideas a try! Perfect for all ages and stages, these arts and crafts are a great way to let younger kids practice their fine motor skills and they give older kids an outlet for creative expression while allowing you to spend some QT together.

Shells are not just treasures you find on the beach. They’re also fantastic crafting materials that can spark creativity in kids of all ages. Whether you’ve collected them from a beach vacation or picked up a bag at the craft store, shells offer endless possibilities for fun and beautiful crafts.

From adorable creatures to elegant decorations, the only limit is your imagination! In this article, we’ll explore a variety of easy and beautiful shell crafts that kids can enjoy, along with the essential crafting supplies you’ll need to bring these projects to life.

11 Crafting Essentials You’ll Need

With these crafting essentials at your disposal, you’re ready to dive into a world of shell-inspired creativity!

    • Assorted shells – Your crafting adventure begins with a treasure trove of shells! Whether you’ve collected them from seaside escapades or purchased them from a craft store or online (grab some from Amazon HERE!), shells come in all shapes, sizes, and textures, offering endless possibilities for imaginative creations. From the smooth elegance of clam shells to the spiraling beauty of conch shells, each piece holds the potential to become a masterpiece in your child’s hands.
    • Craft glue or hot glue gun – A reliable adhesive is the glue that holds your shell crafts together (pun intended!). Craft glue provides a safe and easy-to-use option for bonding shells and attaching embellishments, making it perfect for younger crafters. On the other hand, a hot glue gun offers a stronger hold, ideal for securing larger shells or creating more intricate designs under adult supervision. Whichever option you choose, a steady hand and a bit of creativity will ensure your shells stay put.
    • Acrylic paints – Dive into a sea of color with acrylic paints, the perfect medium for bringing your shell crafts to life. These versatile paints adhere beautifully to shell surfaces, drying quickly to reveal vibrant hues that captivate the imagination. Whether you’re painting patterns or adding whimsical details, acrylic paints provide endless possibilities for artistic expression. Plus, their water-based formula makes cleanup a breeze, ensuring that the only mess left behind is a masterpiece in the making.
    • Paint brushes – Every young artist needs the right tools to unleash their creativity, and paintbrushes are essential for bringing your shell crafts to fruition. With a variety of brush sizes at your disposal, you can achieve intricate details, bold strokes, and everything in between. Thin brushes are perfect for delicate lines and fine details, while larger brushes cover more surface area, allowing you to make a splash with vibrant colors.
    • Beads – Add texture and dimension to your shell crafts with an assortment of beads. Whether you’re stringing them onto jewelry, embellishing a picture frame, or creating a mosaic masterpiece, beads offer endless opportunities for creativity.
  • Sequins – Sequins are the perfect embellishment for adding a touch of glamour to your shell crafts. Whether you’re decorating a seashell ornament, accentuating a mermaid-inspired collage, or crafting a dazzling sun catcher, sequins add a magical sparkle that captivates the eye. Choose from a rainbow of colors and shapes to create mesmerizing patterns and designs that shimmer and glimmer in the light.
  • Scissors – Every crafter needs a trusty pair of scissors to bring their ideas to life. Whether you’re trimming paper, cutting ribbon, or shaping fabric, scissors are essential for achieving clean, precise cuts. Choose a pair with sharp, durable blades that glide smoothly through materials, making crafting a breeze for kids of all ages.
  • Markers – Unleash your creativity with a rainbow of markers, perfect for adding colorful details and designs to your shell crafts. Whether you’re drawing intricate patterns, writing heartfelt messages, or doodling whimsical characters, markers offer endless possibilities for personalization and expression. Choose washable markers for easy cleanup and allow your imagination to run wild.
  • Googly eyes – Bring your shell creatures to life with googly eyes, the perfect finishing touch for adding personality and charm to your crafts. Whether you’re crafting adorable sea creatures, quirky characters, or whimsical aliens, googly eyes add a fun, playful element.
  • Pom-poms – Add a pop of color and texture to your shell crafts with fluffy pom-poms, perfect for embellishing your project. Choose from a variety of sizes and colors to create playful designs that are as unique and vibrant as your child’s imagination.
  • Clear sealer or varnish – Preserve the beauty of your shell crafts for years to come with a clear sealer or varnish. This essential step not only adds a glossy finish to your creations but also protects them from chipping, fading, and damage over time. Whether you’re displaying your shell crafts indoors or outdoors, a coat of sealer ensures that they withstand the test of time.

16 Shell Crafts for Kids

Now let’s explore some easy and beautiful shell crafts that kids will love to make.

    • Easy Sea Salt Shell Pendant | Red Ted Art – Your kids can turn their favorite sea shells into wearable art. They will look great even with a partial or broken shell.
    • Watercolor Seashell Frame | Glued to My Crafts – Frame a special memory with a frame made with seashells. Kids will have fun painting them with a splash of color.
    • Seaside Shell Windchime Craft | Red Ted Art – This craft works best with shells and beach stones that already have a hole in them. Hang your finished windchime where it can catch a breeze.
    • Seashell Ladybugs | Still Playing School – Seashells are transformed into a group of ladybugs. Little ones can use them to practice counting or to brush up on colors.
    • Tropical Seashell Fish | Crafts by Amanda – Have fun creating your own school of colorful fish. You can glue a magnet to the back, then place them on your fridge.
    • Seashell Peacock Craft using Playdough | Crafty Morning – A seashell becomes the feathers of a peacock. Craft the body using playdough in blue, orange, and white.
    • Melted Crayon Seashells | Fun at Home with Kids – Crayons are a versatile crafting tool. The trick is to get them hot enough to melt smoothly across the seashells.
    • Seashell Mermaid Necklaces | Mama Papa Bubba – They’re sure to be enchanted by this magical necklace fit for a mermaid. Best of all, it takes just minutes to put them together!
    • Shell Crystal Craft | Little Bins Little Hands – This is not just a craft – it’s also a science experiment. Little kids will have fun observing while the older ones can be more hands on.
    • Shell Craft Stick Dollies | Lets Do Something Crafty – These dollies are perfectly charming with their seashell skirts. Kids can dress them as their favorite character or even themselves.
    • Seashell Butterflies, Flowers, and Bird | Alpha Mom – Paint your seashells then piece together to make a flower, a bird, or a butterfly. They are made for framing, and kids can create their own watercolor backgrounds.
    • Sea Shell Creatures | Crafts by Amanda – Kids can get creative and create a menagerie of sea creatures out of shells. Keep the seashells in their natural state or use paint to add a splash of color.
    • Seashell Turtle Craft | Easy Peasy and Fun – If you love turtles, this craft idea is for you. It only requires a seashell and a little craft paper.
    • Painted Seashells | Mama Papa Bubba – You can’t get simpler than these painted seashells. Display them on their own or use them as part of a larger craft project.
    • Beach Drift Wood & Broken Shell Rattles | Red Ted Art – Now you have something to make out of all those broken shell pieces. Kids will have fun making music from nature.
    • Seashell Treasure Box | Me and My Shadow – Use this treasure box to keep all of your favorite things – or simply a collection of your favorite beach treasures!

With a handful of shells, some essential crafting supplies, and this list of shell crafts for kids, you and your little ones are ready to embark on a creative journey filled with endless possibilities.

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