21 Unique and Meaningful Handprint Crafts for Kids

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21 Unique and Meaningful Handprint Crafts for Kids | If you're looking for homemade keepsakes and DIY gifts kids can make, this post is for you! We've curated tons of handprint crafts for all ages and stages - babies, toddlers, preschool and kindergarten age kids, and more! Whether you're looking for air dry clay or salt dough handprint art projects, or prefer to get messy with finger-paints, there are tons of great ideas to choose from for every holiday and season!

Handprint art is unique and meaningful, because it captures a moment in time. Our children grow up way too fast. Having a keepsake of their little hands is something you will always treasure.

These 21 handprint crafts for kids are perfect for kids of all ages – from babies to big kids!

5 Handprint Craft Tips & Hacks

Here are 5 handprint craft tips and hacks that will help you avoid frustration and messes and end up with a result everyone will love!

  1. Think twice about using ink – Ink pads may seem like a great option when it comes to handprint art, however ink can be very difficult to remove from little hands and clothes. If you want to use ink, look for ones that are labeled “washable”. This washable ink pad one is a great option.
  2. Choose the right paint for your project – When it comes to handprint projects, there are many types of paint you can use. For the younger kids, go for washable paintsTempera paint comes in a ton of great colors and is easily washable as well. Acrylic paints are great for projects that will be used outdoors, but keep in mind that they are permanent.
  3. Keep backups – Since artwork can be lost or destroyed, it’s a good idea to keep a digital copy of your favorite projects. Snap a photo of your project when it’s done or use an app designed to store your child’s artwork.
  4. Note the date – After you’ve completed your project, find a place where you can note your child’s name and age. If you have a lot of handprint art, it’s a great way to create a timeline of your child as they grow.
  5. Think about your child’s age – Before you decide on a project, think about your child’s age. Choosing the right method for capturing your child’s handprint will ensure your success. For example, for babies and toddlers who are more unpredictable and move around a lot, using paint or ink may not be the best choice. Instead, try a project that uses air dry clay to help you make a quick impression of their hand.

8 Handprint Craft Essentials

Gather these 8 handprint craft essentials before you start crafting.

  1. Craft paints and brushes – Washable craft paints and assorted brushes are the most basic of essentials for any handprint craft.
  2. Finger paints – Easy to use finger paints for the littlest ones to add their own touch.
  3. Blank canvas or white cardstock – Canvas or heavy cardstock is the perfect base for your handprint art. They hold up to a lot of paint and are easy to hang on a wall or put in a frame once you’re done.
  4. Baby Wipes – Baby wipes are a must-have for removing paint from those little hands…and anywhere else they got paint!
  5. Craft supplies – Grab all of your favorite craft supplies including popsicle stickscotton ballsgoogly eyesglitter or glitter painttissue paper – whatever sparks your creativity.
  6. Paper plates – Paper plates are the perfect holder for all of your different paint colors or as the canvas for your project.
  7. Glue – If you need to add any embellishments or glue pieces together, crafting glue is a must!
  8. Markers – Use markers to add small details or other elements to your project.

21 Handprint Craft Crafts for Kids

Ready to get started? Check out these 21 colorful and fun ideas for creating handprint crafts.

    1. Hula Dancer Handprint | The Chirping Moms
    2. Handprint Peacock Salt Dough Craft | Easy Peasy and Fun
    3. Yearly Tradition Handprint Artpiece | Mamma Pappa Bubba
    4. Handprint Campfire | Glued to My Crafts
    5. Handprint Flag Craft | B-Inspired Mama
    6. Seasons of Love Handprint Art | A Mom’s Take
    7. Handprint Christmas Trees | Domestic Superhero
    8. Candy Corn Turkey | Frogs Snails and Puppy Dog Tails
  1. Handprint Leaf Napkins | Glued to My Crafts
  2. St. Patrick’s Day Rainbow Handprint | B-Inspired Mama
  3. Watercolor Butterfly | Meaningful Mama
  4. Bunny Rabbit Handprint Craft | Crafty Morning
  5. Handprint Art Owls | Kids Activities Blog
  6. Handprint Octopus | Crafty Morning
  7. Birds on a Branch | Glued to My Crafts
  8. Baking Soda Clay Handprint Keepsakes | Mamma Pappa Bubba
  9. Handprint Baseball | Sunny Day Family
  10. Valentine’s Day Pop Up Cards | Little Fingers Big Art
  11. High Five Handprint Pop Up Card | A Little Pinch of Perfect
  12. Handprint Bookbag | The Chirping Moms
  13. Superhero Handprint Coasters | Messy Little Monster

Now it’s time to grab your supplies, pick your favorite project, and start working on your own handprint crafts!

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