23 Stunning Short Braid Hairstyles to Elevate Your Look

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23 Stunning Short Braid Hairstyles | Want to elevate your short hairstyle? With a variety of different braid styles out there, you have countless cute options to pick from! In this post we've compiled 23 step-by-step video tutorials for braiding your short hair. Try waterfall, bubble, box, French, or Dutch braids for the front or side of your hair! Try an easy braided updo / bun or half up half down with one of these braiding tutorials, perfect for short hair with bangs & even layers!

There’s nothing like a braided hairstyle to elevate your look. They can be chic and sophisticated, cute and fun, or messy and effortless. Whatever your vibe, there’s a braid for you, no matter your hair length. If you think braided styles are solely for those with long hair, think again. Short braid hairstyles are super easy to do while making your hairstyle look thoughtful and put together. Check out our favourite braided looks for short strands.

6 Short Braid Hairstyles Essentials to Invest In

1. Texture spray
2. Dry shampoo
3. Small clear elastics
4. Bobby pins
5. Hairspray
6. Rattail comb

4 Hacks for Creating Short Braid Hairstyles

1. Use Texture Spray on Clean Hair
Second or third day hair is preferable for braided hairstyles as your hair is more textured and malleable. This makes it easier to create braided hairstyles and have them stay in place. Clean hair is too sleek and slippery. If you want to do braided styles on clean hair, make sure to use a dry texture spray or dry shampoo to give your hair some grit and long-lasting hold.

2. Contain Layered Pieces
If you have layers in your hair, it’s important to mist your hair with a light hairspray or apply some hair oil before braiding. This will help prevent any layered pieces from falling out while you braid. Just make sure not to use too much product. Overdosing on products will make your hair too stiff and make it harder to separate each strand to braid.

3. Practice Proper Prep
Prepping your hair before braiding is just as important as the braiding itself. One of the most important parts of a stunning braid is a straight part. You’ll need a rattail comb (use the long end to part your hair), then section off the hair with clips so you don’t have hairs falling back into the part. You’ll also want to make sure to detangle all sections of your hair from roots to ends before braiding so your hair doesn’t get knotty and tangled.

4. First Structure, Then Mess
If you want to create a messy braid, don’t try to mess it up right off the bat. First, you’ll want to create a perfectly structured braid that’s secure and clean. Once you’re done, pull and stretch the braid as desired. Lightly tug on random hairs, loosening and roughening up the texture a bit for the perfect mess.

23 Short Braid Hairstyles to Elevate Your Look

1. Braids for Short Hair…Hairstyles You Need to Try | Kayley Melissa 

This video shows you how to do 4 different braids for short hair, from a micro braid to a twisted style, low ponytail braid and a top knot. All you need are clear elasticsbobby pins and a cute scrunchie. All these hairstyles are cute and super easy so you can do them before running out the door in the morning.

2. How To: Waterfall Braid for Short Hair Tutorial | Milabu 

This braided hairstyle may look intricate but it’s actually super simple to create. Follow her step-by-step tutorial, and with some practice you’ll be able to rock this waterfall braid in no time. It’s such a gorgeous look- serious Pinterest goals! All you need is a tiny clear elastic for this braid!

3. 3 Easy Braid Hairstyles (Short Hair) | Maddy Corbin 

These 3 braided hairstyles are super pretty and if you have bangs, they’ll help keep them up out of your face. You’ll learn how to do a mohawk pull-through, basket braid and 2 front mini twists. You can dress these hairstyles up or down and wear them to a variety of different occasions! All you need are small clear elasticsbobby pins and she also suggests a handheld mirror to help you see the back of your head.

4. Bubble Braid Tutorial on Short Hair | Sophie Hannah 

Bubble braids are such a fun hairstyle and they’re one of the best braided styles you can do on short hair. They’re perfect for a festival, concert, or to wear to the gym to keep your hair out of your face. She shows you how to master the bubble braid technique and you’ll need products like hair clipsa comb and some coconut oil hair product to flatten down flyaways and frizz.

5. 3 Easy Hairstyles for Short/Medium Length Hair | Ashley Bloomfield 

These 3 braided hairstyles are super chic and are perfect for any time of the year, but are specifically helpful in times when it’s humid and you want to fight the frizz! You’ll learn how to do a French braid, pull-through braid and French braided bangs. She also shows you how to get the perfect beach waves for your half-up braided looks, so you’ll need a flat iron!

6. 10 Easy Braids for Short Hair Tutorial | Milabu 

If you’re looking for an awesome round up of short braid hairstyles, this is it. She shows you step-by-step how to get these 10 looks, from a Dutch braid and fishtail braid to a macrame and rope braids. She preps her hair with the a texture spray for some grit and hold and gives you her best short braid tips!

7. Perfect Tight Dutch Braids | Isabel Galvin 

Tight Dutch braids are a great way to keep your hair off your face- they’re great for a gym class, going grocery shopping or heading to the beach. You’ll need products including a rattail combhair serum, and clear hair elastics. It’s an easy hairstyle to do once you get the hang of it- practice makes perfect!

If you have short hair, these braided hairstyles are chic, fun and the perfect way to elevate your look!

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