24 Quick and Easy Mom Hairstyles for Every Hair Length

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24 Quick and Easy Mom Hairstyles for Every Hair Length | If you're looking for simple hairstyles to elevate your look, but you're perpetually running late and need ideas you can achieve in like 5 minutes or less, this post is for you! Whether you have short, medium length, or long hair that's straight, wavy, or curly, these hairstyles will get you out the door looking your best. Perfect for stay at home moms, busy working moms, and everyone in between, these also double as good lazy day looks!

Moms deserve a reward. Not only do they have to put themselves together in the morning, it typically falls on them to get the kids ready and out the door too. This often means a lack of time for themselves and a sometimes dishevelled appearance. If you’re tired of letting your appearance fall by the wayside, but stressed about the time it takes, we’ve put together 24 quick and easy mom hairstyles to get you out the door looking your best.

10 Hair Essentials to Invest In

    1. Flat iron
    2. Curling iron
    3. Heat protectant spray
    4. Dry shampoo
    5. Hairspray
    6. Texture spray
    7. Styling mousse
    8. Hair ties
  1. Bobby pins
  2. Claw clips

4 Easy Mom Hairstyles for Short Hair

1. Low Bun Tutorial | Sleek and Easy Hairstyle | Lydia Tomlinson 

A sleek low bun is the perfect quick and easy hairstyle for moms on the go, plus it’s really chic. It’s perfect for greasy hair days on weeks you barely have time to shower. It only takes about five minutes (if that) and is ideal for days you just need your hair out of your face. She uses products like a rattail combtexturizing spray, and hairspray to keep the bun in place.

2. Everyday Loose Curls for Short Hair with a Straightener | Brittany Marie 

If you want to add some style to your everyday look, but don’t have too much time, these loose curls could be the perfect option. Not only is the technique easy to learn, you’ll be left with a cute, effortlessly chic hairstyle you can wear from work, to parent-teacher interviews, to brunch with your friends! She uses the GHD Platinum+ Straightener as well as the Eva NYC 10-in-1 Primer for this look!

3. My 5 Minute Ponytail Routine (Short Hair) | Kayley Melissa 

Ponytails are quick and easy, and this high pony is the perfect way to get your hair out of your face. She shows you the steps and shares her tricks for getting the perfect pony every time. She demonstrates two ways to get a 5-minute ponytail routine and step up your ponytail game (with both a low and high pony). The only products you need are hair elastics, a brush, and a curling iron if you want to start with curls like she has!

8 Easy Mom Hairstyles for Medium Hair

1. Half Up Half Down Bun | Style Yourself Beautiful 

This half up messy bun is so simple and only takes about two minutes to do. It’s perfect if you’re short on time in the morning, but still want to look put together. All you need is a clear elastic and bobby pins, and if you want to start off with some soft waves like she has, run a curling iron through your hair before starting the bun.

2. How to French Braid Your Own Hair (The Easiest 5 Minute Braid) | EverydayHairInspiration 

French braids are so pretty, and once you learn the technique, you can easily do them on your own hair. She gives you an easy step by step guide to follow, so you can do it quickly on your busiest of days. It’s great for days when your hair won’t cooperate or when you want it away from your face. All you really need is a hair elastic, but make sure to spritz some texturizing spray when you’re done to hold it in place.

3. Favourite Ways to Style Medium Short Hair (Super Easy) With/Without Heat | Christine Le 

This tutorial features six ways to style medium length hair, and all of them are super easy and low maintenance. Some of them use heat and some of them don’t, so make sure to use a heat protectant for the ones that do. She recommends products like the T3 Curling Iron, the Innerense Prep Spray and a silk head scarf. These hairstyles are a great way to look pulled together (even if you don’t feel like it on the inside).

12 Easy Mom Hairstyles for Long Hair

1. 3 Easy Claw Clip Hairstyles, Medium-Long Hairstyles | Alex Gaboury 

If you have long hair and need to get it out of your face, while also wanting to look super on trend, these claw clip hairstyles are for you! They’re quick and easy to do and cause little to no damage to your hair, and they can easily be dressed up and down. It’s not necessary, but if you want to start with curls like she has, you can place the RobeCurls Heatless Headband in your hair overnight and brush them out in the morning. She also recommends products like hair oil and of course, a jumbo claw clip.

2. 4 60 Second Hairstyles | Laineymariebeauty 

If you’re looking for super quick hairstyles for mom’s night out, these ones only take 60 seconds. From a low bun to a rope braid, braided bun and half up do, these hairstyles are gorgeous and oh so easy to do. Wear them for a date night, wedding, or a dinner out with friends! She uses rope curls to get her curls, and also uses products like a hair tie and bobby pins.

3. 5 Ways to Style a Bandana | Valeria Lipovetsky 

A bandana is an amazing accessory to add to your hair to elevate your hairstyles. These looks are perfect when you don’t have a lot of time, but want to look put together. She demonstrates how to get styles including an interwoven low braid, texturized half-up-half-down ponytail, and a top knot bun. Along with silk bandanas, she also recommends a light hold hairspray.

We hope you love these quick mom hairstyles and feel better about putting yourself together each morning.

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