24 Upcycled Projects We Love: Milk Jug Crafts For Kids

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24 Milk Jug Crafts for Kids | Looking for art projects to teach your kids about recycling? These simple and fun ideas will inspire you! With ideas for boys and girls in preschool, kindergarten, and elementary school, teach your kids how to make a milk jug ball catcher, piggy bank, bird feeder, water balloon launcher, and more! Get creative with these recycled crafts at home and in the classroom – they make great Earth Day activities! #milkjugcrafts #recycledcrafts #recycledcraftsforkids

Upcycling can be both wildly entertaining as well as a great learning experience. Milk is a common drink among kids and yes, even adults! Plus, we use it in cooking too, so if your household is anything like mine, you’ll have plenty of empty milk jugs on hand. It’s time to start collecting them and transforming them into adorable and fun art projects, and we’re excited to share our favorite milk jug crafts for kids to inspire you!

8 Milk Jug Crafts For Kids In Preschool

Milk Jug Piggy Bank | Free Kids Crafts
For this milk jug craft, you will not only upcycle the jug but also toilet paper tubes. Grab a few pipe cleaners and some non-toxic paint to recreate this adorable DIY piggy bank.

Milk Jug Ball Catcher | Lakeshore
It’s impossible to play with a ball catcher and not have a good time! They are so much fun, and this one is even better because the kids can make it themselves.

Stained Glass Butterfly Milk Carton | A Little Pinch Of Perfect
Everything about these butterflies is adorable. This is a project that is easy, but entertaining enough to grab your preschooler’s attention for a while.

Fairy Doll Houses | Filth Wizardry 
This project is wonderful at encouraging imaginative play, and your little one will love decorating the “homes”. Don’t forget to grab some dolls to enjoy these upcycled jugs!

DIY Whale Milk Jug Kids | Crafty Morning
Just a warning, these whales are highly fun and addictive! They are perfect for swimming or even playing with in the bathtub. If you feel extra brave, you can even dust one of your whales with glitter just like the one in the blog post.

Easy Recycled Bee Craft For Kids | Simple Everyday Mom
These adorable buzzing bees will be a massive hit among preschoolers. This post even provides you with a template, making this one of the easiest milk jug crafts for kids ever!

Snowman Milk Jugs | Free-N-Fun Christmas
Oh, I love everything about this happy and sweet little snowman. My favorite part may have to be the adorable earmuffs made from pompoms and chenille stems. Your preschoolers are going to be super excited to design their new adorable friend.

Milk Jug Valentine Boxes | Everyday Dishes
This is such a creative and super cute way to make a Valentine’s box. Your preschool-aged children are going to think they are pretty neat as-is, but they will be so excited when you fill them up with sweet valentines!

8 Milk Jug Crafts For Kids In Kindergarten

Igloo Made Out Of Gallon Jugs | Surviving A Teacher’s Salary
This is one of my favorite milk jug crafts for kids, and I love that an entire kindergarten classroom can do this together! They will love contributing and learning how to build an igloo using milk jugs. Give it a try!

Recycled Milk Jug Pinata | Cathie Filian 
You will undoubtedly hear a bunch of giggles when you show the kids you are teaching them how to make a recycled milk jug pinata. So amusing and simple!

Milk Jug Bird Feeders | Great Stems
Bird feeders are great for kids because they can watch the birds enjoy a meal out of the feeder too, which can provide numerous lessons in itself. Make sure you remember to stock up on birdseed!

String Art Thread And Milk Jug Necklace | Pink Stripey Socks
Kindergarteners love to make jewelry, especially necklaces. This is a fun milk jug craft for kids because they will be so excited to wear their artwork. Plus, there are so many different colors of embroidery thread to choose from to personalize this craft.

Milk Jug Bubble Wands | Crafty Journal
Do you ever get too old for bubbles? No way! These milk jug bubble wands take playing with bubbles to a whole new level of entertainment. Make sure to grab a hole punch as well as a few Sharpies to decorate your new wands.

Milk Jug Elmer Elephant Craft | The Imagination Tree
You don’t need a ton of supplies for this fun milk jug craft for kids! Your kids will enjoy their new little elephant friend, and they will absolutely love decorating him with tissue paper.

Milk Jug Turkey Craft | Show Me Mama
When fall and Thanksgiving hit, it’s the perfect time for your kids to make turkey everything…including turkey milk jug crafts for kids! Each turkey will be unique and cute, thanks to the construction paper “feathers”.

Milk Jug Garage | Craptastic Crafts For Kids
Who knew you could make a toy car garage with a milk jug? This is a creative and imaginative idea that the kids will be excited to work on.

8 Milk Jug Crafts For Kids In Elementary School

Spirit Jugs | Eighteen 25
These adorable milk jugs are the perfect craft to get your kids excited about Halloween. They can make funny faced ghosts or even scary faces with a permanent marker.

Organizer From Square Bottles | Crafty Journal 
You are never too young to learn about organization! This fun little craft project will keep your kiddos entertained, and you can talk to them about learning how to organize all their things.

DIY Water Balloon Launch | Kid Friendly Things To Do
Is there anything more amusing than launching water balloons at your friends and classmates? This would be awesome for starting the school year or even an end of year bash.

DIY Milk Jug Snow Owl | Instructables
This is a fantastic craft idea for older elementary-aged kids. They will LOVE making their own snow owls and will be able to spend a fair amount of time on them.

Unique Winter Wreath | Hiland Dairy Foods
This is a favorite milk jug crafts for kids because it truly is so unique! This is geared towards older elementary-aged kids so younger children will need a little bit of help along the way.

Easter Bunny Milk Jug Craft | All Because She Saved
Doesn’t every kid need their own Easter bunny milk jug? Your kids are going to fall in love with their bunny—just don’t forget the googly eyes.

Milk Jug Ghost | The Artful Crafter
This spooky ghost will get your children ready for Halloween! The ghost isn’t exactly spooky, but it is completely charming. Take a peek for yourself!

Swan Planter | Education.com
You can download the instructions to teach the kids how to make their own swan planter. It’s a fantastic craft idea for kids, and I am certain they will love it.

I hope you have found some creative, unique, and exciting milk jug crafts for kids that you have been looking for. Now’s the time to start chugging that milk!

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