25 Weight Watchers Dinner Recipes With Points – Updated for Freestyle!

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25 Weight Watchers Freestyle Dinner Recipes | If you’re looking for Weight Watchers dinner recipes with points (SmartPoints, that is!), we’ve rounded up 25 of our favorite Weight Watchers Freestyle recipes. Whether you prefer chicken or beef, meatloaf or vegetarian chili, salads or sandwiches, crockpot or instant pot, these ideas double as great leftovers for lunch!

While I was speaking to one of my college pals a few weeks ago, she mentioned she recently joined Weight Watchers. She’s tried their program a few times in the past with great success, but like many of us, she loves food so much that she inevitably falls off track and gains all the weight back.

Which sucks.

But this time is different–she was excited about the new options available on the Weight Watchers Freestyle program. Weight Watchers is always making improvements to their program with a convenient app, coaching, and now many more “Zero SmartPoints” foods (like chicken, beans and eggs). This makes the plan easier to follow and stick too.

Still, my pal was stumped about what to eat and how to find easy Weight Watchers dinner recipes that her family would eat too (because who has time to cook twice?!).

The good news is that, thanks to the wonderful world of Pinterest, I was able to pull together some great Weight Watchers recipes with points for her, and after hearing her scream with joy at how delicious and EASY they all look, I decided I would throw them together into a post in hopes I can help someone else on their quest to lose weight.

Understanding Weight Watchers

The basic premise of Weight Watchers is that each day you’re given a certain number of points. Every food is assigned a SmartPoints value based on a calculation of fat, calories, fiber, protein and sugar in the food. They used to be known as Weight Watchers Points Plus, but now they’ve changed to calling them SmartPoints (and adjusted some of the values). If you’re following the Weight Watchers Freestyle plan you can eat any foods you want, as long as you write them down and stay within your allotted points for the day. There are “flex points” each week for the days when you want to have a special treat.

Many people like the Weight Watchers plan because it’s flexible and doesn’t restrict you from say, having a piece of birthday cake or a slice of pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving. Treating yourself simply means writing it down and adjusting your points for the day. You can also earn FitPoints from exercising, which you can choose to bank toward your daily allowance.

All of this is combined with the option of tracking your food online, using a coach to support you through your weight loss or attending meetings. Having been around for over 50 years, the supportive approach is proven to work. In addition to meetings, members also gain access to a highly supportive online community where they can cheer each other on and share their goals.

All in all, Weight Watchers seems like a pretty great program from my research. US News & World Report voted it the #1 best weight loss diet. It helps users with portion control, it’s flexible, easy to follow and supportive. The only drawback is that there’s a cost associated with joining Weight Watchers (anywhere from $4-$9/week depending on the plan you choose). Still, overall, it’s worth it, if it works and fits the motivation you need to hit your goals.

25 Easy Weight Watchers Dinner Recipes with Points

Like any diet, the biggest question is always “what to eat.” My friend was thrilled with the easy Freestyle dinner recipes I found, so I’m sharing them here. I’ve included the number of Weight Watchers Points/SmartPoints per serving after each link, but since I’m not on the Weight Watchers diet and don’t fully understand the system, please make sure to look at the recipes in detail to ensure they fit within your allowance.

And if you are looking for the best Weight Watchers dinner recipes, you may want to check out their selection of cookbooks. For Weight Watchers recipe book recommendations, my friend HIGHLY recommends Weight Watchers Family Meals: 250 Recipes for Bringing Family, Friends, and Food Together (her kids LOVE the recipes in this book), Weight Watchers One Pot Cookbook (great for lazy nights when you can’t be bothered to cook something complicated), Weight Watchers Cook it Fast: 250 Recipes in 15, 20, 30 Minutes (her absolute favorite cookbook of all time).

Here’s to a healthier (and skinnier!) you!

1. Chicken Salad with Apples and Cranberries (Simple Nourished Living) ~ 3 WW SmartPoints
This simple chicken salad is reminiscent of Waldorf salad, but healthier and easier! It’s made with rotisserie chicken, making it a great use for leftovers or a delicious lunch too!

2. Baked Ziti (laa loosh) ~ 5 WW SmartPoints
I would have thought pasta would be off-limits for dieters, but not with Weight Watchers! This baked ziti recipe looks like a delicious Weight Watchers dinner recipe to try!

3. Shrimp with Zucchini and Tomatoes (The Snack Box!) ~ 3 WW SmartPoints
This simple shrimp dish includes savory garlic sauce over zucchini, shrimp and tomatoes. It’s pretty, colorful, and a great answer if you’re looking for easy Weight Watchers recipes.

4. Weight Watchers Sesame Chicken (Boy Meets Bowl) ~ 4 WW SmartPoints
Craving takeout? Sesame chicken is so delicious, but rarely healthy when you order it (it’s usually deep fried and then drowned in a sugary sauce). Here’s a Weight Watchers take on this classic Chinese dish.

5. Weight Watchers Meatloaf Recipe (Simple Nourished Living) ~ 6 WW SmartPoints
Meatloaf is the ultimate dinner comfort food, isn’t it?! This recipe looks so delicious and includes several variations and mix-ins to customize your dinner exactly how you like it. If you’re looking for Weight Watchers dinner ideas, meatloaf is the answer!

6. WW Grilled Jalapeno Chicken (KitchMe) ~ 5 WW SmartPoints
Looking for juicy, delicious chicken for the grill? This honey lime chicken gets a little kick from jalapenos. Everyone needs a good chicken recipe in their repertoire. This is one to add to your collection of go-to easy Weight Watchers recipes.

7. Weight Watchers Stuffed Shells (It All Started With Paint) ~ 6 WW SmartPoints
Weight Watchers dinner recipes are all about learning portion control and the right serving sizes. With these stuffed shells it’s easy because they’re pre-portioned. Four shells per delicious dinner serving–Yum!

8. Turkey Chili Mac with Jalapeños (Organize Yourself Skinny) ~ 9 WW SmartPoints
This is a nice riff on macaroni and cheese with some spice. I personally love chili mac and this looks like a super easy Weight Watchers recipe to whip up.

9. Lemon Garlic Chicken Crock Pot Recipe (laa loosh) ~ 3 WW SmartPoints
I LOVE an easy crockpot dinner recipe. It’s just so convenient to dump everything into the pot, turn it on and go about your day. This lemony garlic chicken has very few SmartPoints and looks delicious.

10. Mexican Casserole (Cocinando con Alena) ~ 9 WW SmartPoints
Going out for Mexican food is one of my favorite treats. With this casserole, you get all the great flavors in a convenient, easy-to-cook meal. The leftovers freeze well too!

11. Bubble Up Pizza (Recipe Diaries) ~ 10 WW SmartPoints
Pizza in a cast-iron skillet? This looks too good not to try. The simple swap of turkey pepperoni helps keep the Point value down. Welcome to the perfect answer for pizza night.

12. Easy, Skinny Balsamic Rosemary Chicken (Skinny Kitchen) ~ 1 WW SmartPoint
This chicken recipe is SUPER low in WW Smart Points (er, Point) which makes it an instant winner. Balsamic rosemary chicken would sound delicious even if it wasn’t healthy. This looks like a restaurant-worthy dish.

13. Slow Cooker Beef Stroganoff (Genius Kitchen) ~ 9 WW SmartPoints
Beef stroganoff is one of those great winter comfort food dinner recipes, isn’t it? Sometimes you just want the creamy, hearty flavors to warm you up. Well, here’s a Weight Watchers dinner recipe for stroganoff that looks amazing.

14. Black Bean and Corn Salad (la loosh) ~ 0 WW SmartPoints
This recipe used to be 2 SmartPoints on the old plan, but with the new Freestyle plan, you can enjoy beans and corn for no points! This is a perfect side dish or light Weight Watchers dinner.

15. Skinny Steak Fajitas (Skinny Kitchen) ~ 5 WW SmartPoints
Steak fajitas are a delicious, satisfying dinner that will please everyone in your family. Enjoy these with tortillas and different toppings so everyone can modify them exactly to their liking.

16. Easy Chicken Tortilla Soup (KitchMe) ~ 6 WW SmartPoints
Tortilla soup is so yummy and such a crowd-pleaser. If you’re looking for simple Weight Watchers dinner recipes, this one is a definite keeper.

17. Crockpot BBQ Beef Sandwich (la loosh) ~ 7 WW SmartPoints
These BBQ beef sandwiches are prepared in your slow cooker to save you time and effort in the kitchen (love that)! They suggest picking a light, high fiber roll for your sandwich to keep your Points on track.

18. Bacon Ranch Turkey Wrap (la loosh) ~ 6 WW SmartPoints
Wraps are such a simple, delicious lunch or dinner. These wraps have it all too–turkey, bacon, cheese, ranch! I mean, how yummy does this Weight Watchers recipe sound?

19. Skinny Lasagne Alfredo (Skinny Kitchen) ~ 7 WW SmartPoints
Oh yes–lasagna alfredo-style! This easy Weight Watchers dinner recipe looks so drool-worthy, I am almost ready to make it now. Layers of lemon, alfredo sauce, spinach, pepper, and cheese –dinner doesn’t get any better.

20. Slow Cooker Hamburger Stew (Simple Nourished Living) ~ 2 WW SmartPoints
This stew seems like a good fall recipe. After walking you through the basic recipe, the author suggests a few seasoning variations that also sound delicious–curry, Italian or hot and spicy!

21. Crockpot Italian Pork Chops (Free WW Recipes) ~ 7 WW SmartPoints
These bone-in pork chops are made in the slow cooker, making this a super convenient, hearty recipe. It’s suggested you serve this with orzo and vegetables for a delicious and satisfying Weight Watchers-friendly meal.

22. Buffalo Chicken Lasagna Roll-Ups (Emily Bites) ~ 9 WW SmartPoints
Some of these Weight Watchers dinner recipes made me almost drool, and this is one of them! Creamy macaroni and cheese, buffalo chicken, combined into a beautiful serving-size pasta roll? I’m hungry just thinking about it!

23. Skinny Waldorf Chicken Salad (Skinny Kitchen) ~ 2 WW SmartPoints
This is another take on the famous Waldorf salad, but with a flavor-packed mustard and ranch sauce. I love the sweet and savory combo of the grapes, crunchy celery and chicken. It’s a great dinner salad.

24. Cumin Scented Black Beans and Quinoa (Simple Nourished Living) ~ 4 WW SmartPoints
Looking for a simple switch up on the classic rice and beans? These cumin-scented black beans with quinoa not only look beautiful but provide plenty of filling vegetarian protein to keep you going strong.

25. Sausage and Pepper Pasta (Butter with a Side of Bread) ~ 5 WW Points
This sausage and pepper pasta is made with turkey sausage, an easy way to lighten up your dinner without sacrificing on flavor. This pasta makes a great Weight Watchers dinner!

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