9 Trending TikTok Paper Animal Templates and Tutorials

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9 Trending TikTok Paper Animal Templates and Tutorials | You've probably seen the viral paper cow TikTok videos, and now you're looking for more paper animal ideas to try with your kids or for yourself! We're sharing step by step tutorials to make your own cat, cow, sloth, or duck and cute accessories to go with them like paper snacks, makeup, perfume, skincare, and phone cases. Grab your paper, scissors, colored pencils, and some tape and get to crafting your very own, laminated paper animal!

TikTok has brought us plenty of trends, from dance challenges to cloud bread to ceramics, whipped coffee and so much more. The TikTok paper animal trend has taken off in the crafting community, with creators making their own cute paper animals, set with their own clothes, accessories, makeup, skincare and even houses. If this sounds right up your alley, we’ve got paper animal templates and tutorials you can use to create your very own paper animal TikTok. Or, if you just want to peruse the lives of these little cuties, there’s hours of paper animal content available on the app.

What Is the TikTok Paper Animal Craze?

If you’ve been on TikTok anytime in the past year, you may have noticed the super cute paper animals popping up on your For You page. The latest TikTok trend in the crafting community sees creators making their own personalized animals out of paper, laminating them and dressing them with matching clothes and accessories.

One of the first creators that helped blow up the trend was Daisy the duck (@paper.duck.care), a paper duck who now boasts over 200k followers and almost 2 million likes. Her creator makes her clothes and even does her skincare. @Bellathepapercow is another super popular account, with almost 63,000 followers who get to watch Bella try donuts, sleep in her bed and celebrate New Years Eve.

Making a paper animal is really simple. All you need is paper, a pair of scissors, a pencil, markers and clear tape. Start off by drawing an outline of your chosen animal (don’t worry, we’ve rounded up templates and tutorials below), then colour in the animal with your choice of colours – you can make it more realistic or get more imaginative. Once you’re happy with how your animal looks, apply the clear tape over top and cut it out as cleanly as possible. You may also choose to laminate your animal instead if you have access to a laminator.

5 TikTok Paper Animal Templates

1. Paper Animal Makeup


If you want to create makeup for your paper animals, you need this template. It contains a makeup mirror, eye liner, lipstick, lip gloss, mascara, eye shadow and even false eye lashes. If you have a girly paper animal, she’s going to love this makeup stash.

2. Paper Animal Perfume


Even paper animals want to smell good. You can spritz these designer perfumes on each morning to give your paper animal a delectable scent. They’re so pretty and there’s one for almost every day of the week.

3. Paper Animal Skincare


Skincare is big in the TikTok paper animal world and these templates include under eye patches, a face mask, a face roller, cucumber slices and even a robe. Essentially, everything your paper animal needs for their morning and nighttime skincare routine.

4. Paper Animal Snacks


You paper animal has to eat! These snacks include chips, flavoured milks, pancakes, sushi and mini Oreos. They’ll help stock your paper animal kitchen or your paper animal can bring them along on their outings.

5. Paper Animal Phone Cases


If you’re planning to give your paper animal a cell phone, they’re going to need phone cases to alternate between. These phone case templates are all super cute- your paper animal is bound to love them, plus they’ll look oh, so trendy!

4 TikTok Paper Animal Tutorials

1. Paper Sloth


Sloths are so cute and aa great paper animal to dress up. Follow this TikToker as she shows you exactly how she makes her paper sloth. You’ll need tools like scissorstape and markers to create your sloth.

2. Paper Cow


Paper cows are one of the most popular paper animals on TikTok. If you want to know how to make your own paper cow, follow this tutorial above. You’ll need products like a pencilpen and, of course, paper.

3. Paper Duck


If you want to make your own paper duck, this is the tutorial to follow. Take note of her steps and the little details she adds to her duck. You’ll need all the usual tools including markerstape and a pen.

4. Paper Cat


Cat lovers, this tutorial is for you! She creates a paper cat using Hello Kitty as the inspiration. Watch as she draws, colours and cuts out her cat so she can start making it clothes and skincare, and perhaps even her own house.

How to Make TikTok Paper Animal Clothes

1. Find inspiration for your clothes. This could be an outfit on Pinterest or Instagram. You’ll use this inspiration for the type of clothes you’ll make (pants, a dress, a skirt and top combo, etc.) as well as the colour scheme you want to go for.

2. Get out a piece of paper and trace your paper animal lightly with a pencil.

3. Then, draw your paper animal clothes onto the tracing. Make sure to do this with pencil in case you make a mistake and need to erase and re-draw something.

4. Now you can colour in your paper animal clothes with markers. You can also trace your paper clothes with a pen so you can see the clothes better.

5. Then, apply tape on the clothes on both sides of the paper.

6. Finally, you can cut out your clothes with scissors and they’re ready to fit on you paper animal!

Ready to make your first paper animal? Choose from our tutorials and templates to get started!

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