9 Trending Wet Hair Looks for Every Hair Length

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9 Trending Wet Hair Looks for Every Hair Length | Discover the hottest wet hair looks for short, medium, and long hair in this post! From sleek and polished short cuts, back combed and textured hair, a slicked back low bun, or straight and tucked behind the ears trends, we've got you covered with expert tips, tricks, inspo pics, and products! Whether you have naturally straight, wavy, or curly hair, we'll teach you how to do the perfect slicked back style even Kim Kardashian would be proud of!

The wet hair look makes its way to the red carpet every now and then, and it’s been having quite the moment as of late. While it may look a bit intimidating to try at home, it’s easier than you think to create. With the right products and inspiration, you can rock wet hair looks at every hair length. Take a look at our favourite variations of this look to try yourself!

What Is The ‘Wet Hair Look’?

The wet hair look is a trendy hairstyle that pops up on the red carpet à la our favourite celebs, from the Hadid sisters to Rhianna, Hailey Bieber, J.Lo and Kim Kardashian West. It’s a sleek and sexy style that has you looking like you’re rocking wet hair, and it looks amazing on all hair textures and lengths.

5 Tips and Hacks to Get The Wet Hair Look

1. Towel Dry Your Hair
Towel dry just-washed hair and make sure to blot it dry, don’t rub it. You’ll want to get some of the moisture out until it’s around 60% dry, then comb through your hair with a wide-tooth comb. Your hair should be damp, not wet.

2. Use a Gel and Cream Combo
Mix together a hair gel and cream for the wet look. A gel on its own will leave your hair crunchy, and a cream will make it look greasy. Run a small about of the combo through your hair- your hair should be coated, but it shouldn’t stick together too much.

3. Apply Based on Hair Type and Length
If you have short hair, apply the gel-cream concoction from roots through tips. From medium to long hair, concentrate on your roots through mid-lengths to mimic the way your hair naturally dries. If you have fine or straight hair, go light to maintain volume, and if you have textured or curly hair, use more to maintain movement and avoid crunchiness.

4. Choose Your Comb
Use a wide tooth comb for a more relaxed, beach vibe, or a fine tooth comb for that super sleek, slicked back look.

5. To Finish
Finish off the look with a medium hold hairspray. Be sure to do this before the previous products dry fully. You can also try lightly blow drying your hair to set the style, just make sure not to disturb the root area.

7 Hair Products and Essentials You’ll Need

  • Wide tooth comb to define your part and pull products through evenly.
  • Prep spray to prep your hair and set the base for your wet look.
  • Leave in conditioner to add an additional layer of wetness to your look.
  • Strong hold hair gel is key to lock the look in place. This one is particularly great for curly hair, but works for any texture.
  • Hair cream to create a smooth sheen. This one is ideal for dry or textured hair as it locks in moisture and naturally softens and smooths the hair.
  • Styling lotion is another option that adds flexible hold and flights frizz. It bonds to your hair to help seal ends and bring shine to your strands.
  • Medium hold hairspray is the perfect way to lock in the look.

3 Wet Hair Looks for Short Hair

1. Flicked Ends


We love the way Bella Hadid’s stylist paired the wet look with an ear-tuck and flicked ends. It’s giving 90s vibes, but has a modern edge that we’re totally here for. You can create the flicked ends with your flat iron, and you’ll also need a comb to continuously comb each section of your hair back and down while you set it.

2. ​​Finger Waves


Finger waves are having a moment, and they’re bringing the chicness of the 1920s back in the best way. This wet, wavy style is glossy, slick and perfect for those with short hair. It’s also super low maintenance as once it’s set, there’s little you need to do to maintain it. Since this style is a little more complicated to create, check out this step by step Glamour article to get the look!

3. Curly and Textured


If you have curly, textured hair, you’re pretty much made for the wet hair look. The wet look adds a nice definition to curls and won’t make your hair look greasy. Use a strong hold gel all over your hair for frizz control and gleam.

3 Wet Hair Looks for Medium Hair

1. Slicked Back Bun


A wet hair slicked back bun is super chic and works for almost all hair lengths and textures. For this look, add tons of styling lotion and hair gel into wet hair, comb it back and twist your hair into a tight bun at the crown and secure.

2. Glammed Up


We love this glam look and think it’s perfect for any special event you have in the books. The super-deep part is reminiscent of the 1920s and we love the contrast of the front being sleek and wet, and the back being soft and curled. Curl your hair with a curling iron then use our tips to slick back the front of your hair.

3. Back Combed


This look is super simple to create at home. Back comb slightly damp hair and apply gel to the roots, making sure the hair on the top and sides is slicked down. You can pull the gel through to the ends or allow your strands to maintain their natural texture as they dry. Let your hair dry naturally and it will maintain the wet look.

3 Wet Hair Looks for Long Hair

1. Wet n Wavy


Zendaya can do no wrong and this wet hair look is no exception. This look is ideal for wavy hair as it has that tousled, air-dried look at the back. Start with a deep side part on your favouite side then comb out the top, bringing your hair behind you ears. Use a mix of hair gel and hair oil– the oil will stop the gel from going crispy- going heavier on top and lightly pulling it through the ends.

2. Straight and Tucked


This look features a middle part and the front of your hair slicked behind your ears. You’ll want to use a fine tooth comb to ensure your part is dead centre and to pull your hair tight behind your ears. Use gel to slick it down the sides of your head, but leave the back of your hair soft and straight.

3. Mermaid Waves


Mermaid waves combine beach waves and salt-licked tresses to create a super hot hair trend. They feature lots of movement and are inspired by that just-dipped in the ocean hair that’s dried a little in the sun. Use a flat iron, starting a few inches from the top of your head and make bands in the hair in alternating directions. Use a bit of styling lotion and texture spray to finish off the look.

If you love the wet hair look, use these inspiration photos and tips to get the look, no matter your hair length!

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