Crafting at Home: 27 Fleece Projects for Kids Of All Ages

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27 Fleece Projects for Kids Of All Ages | There are so many easy, no sew art projects you can make with your kids, and these fleece-inspired ideas are perfect for cold winter days. Whether you want to learn how to make hats, scarves, and backpacks with your little one, or want something a little more creative, like puppets, pillows, and rugs, these ideas make great gifts! #fleeceprojects #nosewfleece #nosewprojects

Fleece projects for kids are perfect any time of year, but they are even more fun in the colder fall and winter months. Get crafting with these simple projects that will keep you and your little ones cozy all year long!

27 Fleece Projects for Kids

From the warm and fuzzy to the super-duper easy, all of these fleece projects for kids are lots of fun. No matter how old your child is, there is something for them in this list. These ideas are great boredom busters for bad weather days, and they make great DIY gifts for family and friends. Stock up on some fleece in your favorite colors and let’s get crafting!

8 Fleece Projects for Preschoolers

If you’re looking for crafts to enjoy with your preschooler, you’ll want to avoid anything that involves multiple steps and focus on art projects that teach things like counting and alphabet recognition. All of these fleece projects for kids in preschool are educational and offer a great way to spend quality time with your little one.

Easy Fringe Scarf | Makes and Takes
Prepare the scarf ahead of time by sewing two pieces of fleece together, then you can teach your child how to cut the fringes, which is a fun way to challenge his or her fine motor skills.

Fleece Cupcake Pincushion | Craft Grrl
This craft takes a little more dexterity than the others, but it’s still super easy. At the end, you’ll have a pincushion or just something cute to display on your dresser.

Easy Fleece Hat Tutorial | Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom
Sew the hat for your child ahead of time, and then help them make fun fringes. They will love learning how to use scissors and make silly decorations on the top of their new hat!

Monster Pillow | Greene Acres Hobby Farm
Decorate this cute pillow with felt pieces and make your own silly Monster. It’s a lot of fun and a great activity for kids of all ages.

Fleece Dog Chew Toy | Sarah Jane’s Craft Blog 
Your child will learn how to braid with this easy tutorial, and they will have a toy for their favorite furry friend at the end!

No-Sew Dog Bed | Diana Rambles
After your child makes the dog chew toy above, help them tie up a dog bed too!

No-Sew Heart Pillow | Krokotak
Cutting out the heart shape required for this fleece project might be a little difficult for some preschoolers, so feel free to cut the shapes out ahead of time and then let your little one do the tying.

Fringe Scarf for Doll | Sugar Bee Crafts
Help your child make a matching scarf for their doll or teddy bear! This is a lot of fun for kids who enjoy playing pretend.

10 Fleece Projects for Kids in Kindergarten

Kindergarteners have the most fantastic imaginations, and these fleece projects for kids will allow them to make fun toys for themselves, their friends, and gifts for family members too.

No-Sew Octopus | Cool Creativity
Teach your child how to braid with this easy craft. If they get frustrated, they can always twist or knot the legs instead.

Fleece Teddy Bear | Toucan Scraps
Teach your young kindergartener beginning sewing with this teddy bear. You just need some fleece and stuffing, and they will love their creation!

Ghost Puppets | The Craft Train
Just like the teddy bear fleece project for kids above, this is a fun way to teach sewing to your kindergartener and challenge his or her fine motor skills. You can make many different shapes, so don’t stop at ghosts! The possibilities are endless.

Fleece Bunny Craft | Gluesticks Blog
You will have to do a bit of prep work for this project, but once the sewing is complete, your kindergartener can fill it with beans, and tie the ribbons on top.

No-Sew Rainbow Scarf | The Decorated Cookie
This is another way to make a no-sew scarf. The rainbow colors are a lot of fun, but you can also choose any color fleece that you or your kiddo wants to use.

No-Sew Fleece Sleeping Bag | Walls of Home
There are lots of knots to tie, so this project might be one you can split up over a few days, but the effort will be worth it as your child will have a fun sleeping bag to show off to his or her friends at sleepovers.

No-Sew Flutter Cape | Ruffles and Stuff
After your child ties this cape together, he or she will have something fun to wear to school. It’s super cute and the perfect thing to wear in the fall, winter, or spring.

Fleece Poncho | Gluesticks Blog
Just like the cape above, this is fun art project your child can wear to school. It’s a lightweight way to add a bit of warmth on chilly days.

No-Sew Floor Pillow | The Kitchen and the Cave
Use this comfy oversized pillow for watching movies, cuddling in bed, or even in a reading nook. It’s super soft and incredibly easy to make.

Flower Petal Pillows | Come Together Kids
Sewing will make this pillow more durable, but you can make the entire pillow with fabric glue. Let your kindergartener glue on the petals and see his or her imagination come to life!

9 Fleece Projects for Kids in Elementary School

Older children will enjoy all of these fleece projects for kids. They are a bit more challenging and take a little more time, which is perfect for this age group. These art projects offer a great way to teach kids how to use a sewing machine, but they can all be sewn by hand as well.

DIY Fleece Wreath | Wonder Mom Wannabe
This wreath is perfect for older kids because it takes a little longer to finish than other projects. But at the end, you’ll have a wreath you can proudly display on your front door.

No-Sew Unicorn Pillows | Design Improvised
Pick out some blue and pink fleece for this fun project. You kids will be so proud of their creation and will enjoy displaying it on their bed!

Pumpkin Finger Puppets | Fleece Finger Puppets
Using your sewing machine will make this craft a lot quicker, but it isn’t required. You or your child can hand sew these puppets, and they offer hours of fun.

No-Sew Blanket  | Cutesy Crafts
A classic fleece project for kids is the tie blanket. It’s best for older kids because it takes longer to make, making it a great art project for bad weather days.

DIY Fleece Heating Pads | Home Talk
This project is best for older kids, and while it’s easier to make it on a sewing machine, you can hand sew it as well.

Fleece Backpacks | We All Sew
Introducing kids to sewing machines could not be easier than with this fleece art project. The lines on these backpacks don’t have to be perfect, and they only take a few minutes to make.

DIY Fleece Scraps Rug | Little Gray Fox
This rug looks cute and feels super soft. This is a project you’ll probably have to split up over a few days, but it will be worth the effort once it’s finished!

Fleece Socks | Thrifty Fun
Warm up your kid’s feet in colorful and soft fleece socks. They only take a few minutes to make on a sewing machine, and they are super comfortably and cozy!

Fleece Wrist Warmers | Rags to Couture
These wrist warmers are perfect for the cold winter months. They add a bit of color and fashion to your child’s winter gear, and they are super easy to make.

Fleece is a really easy fabric to work with, and while it tends to be used more in the cold winter months, all of these fleece projects for kids will give you and your child some fun quality time together.

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