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21 Step by Step Hairstyles for Thick Hair | If you have short, medium length, or long hair that's thick, and you're on the hunt for a list of the best hair products to use and hairstyles to try, this post is for you! Whether you have straight, wavy, or curly hair, prefer to wear it down, half up, or completely out of your face in space buns, a French braid, or a messy bun, there are so many beautiful styles to choose from, and we've curated our favorite hair tutorials for every hair length!

Thick haired gals, we know the struggle. Our strands take forever to dry, typical hair accessories don’t work and styling thick hair can be a serious time commitment. But if you look on the bright side, there are so many gorgeous hairstyles you can create if you have thick hair. With a little bit of time and patience you’ll be creating swoon-worthy hairstyles that only gals with thick hair can pull off. Take a look at our favourite hairstyles for thick hair and our best tips for managing your mane.

7 Tips and Hacks for Thick Haired Gals

1. Use a hydrating hair mask once a week for extremely damaged ends
2. Pat your hair dry using a microfibre towel to absorb moisture and lead to less damage
3. Let your hair dry partially before using a blow dryer and use it on medium to low heat settings for best results
4. Apply a hair oil with keratin to de-frizz and add shine
5. Always use a heat protectant spray when using hot styling tools to protect your strands from damage that can cause more frizz and split ends
6. Use thick/oversized hair accessories like big claw clips and thick hair ties
7. When in doubt, braid it! Braids look amazing on thick hair and are a great way to keep your hair out of your face when it’s giving you trouble

5 Hairstyles for Short Thick Hair

4 No Heat Hairstyles for Short, Frizzy, Wavy Lob Hair | wesochic

If you have short, thick hair that’s wavy and frizzy, check out these four hairstyles to embrace your hair! They’re (mostly) heatless hairstyles that are about to become your new go-tos. You’ll need a few hair ties, a claw clip and she also suggests a hair recovery spray to make your strands shiny and healthy.

How I Air Dry and Style My Natural Hair | Coarse, Frizzy, Wavy, Textured Hair | Melissa Alatorre

Want to learn how to air dry your short, thick, textured hair? It’s all the in prep! She uses a smoothing shampoo and conditioner to prep her hair in the shower to help manage frizz. She also recommends the Thick and Curly Tangle Teezer, the Turbie Twist Microfibre Hair Towel and raw, unrefined shea butter to get this air dried look.

5 Hairstyles for Medium Thick Hair

3 Easy Ways to Style a Claw Clip! Thick Hair Hack | Olivia DeMuro

Claw clip hairstyles are so on trend and if you’ve been having trouble using a claw clip on thick hair, this tutorial provides tips on how to do it and make it look great! With two updos and one half up look, you’ll be able to easily style your hair with a claw clip after this video. All you need is a brushhair spray and of course a good claw clip for thick hair!

How I Style My Frizzy Thick Coarse Hair | Hannah Elise

Do you have thick hair that’s frizzy and coarse? In this tutorial, she provides tips for how to style your hair, taking it from frizzy and puffy to sleek and soft. She offers some advice on great products to use for your hair such as raw virgin coconut oil, as well as the Love Beauty & Planet Coconut Milk and White Jasmine Shampoo and Conditioner Set and the Psssst! Dry Shampoo. She shows you how to curl your thick hair with a flat iron so it looks incredibly smooth.

How to Style Wavy Frizzy Hair- No Heat | Karen Lin

If you have wavy, thick hair and want to style it without any heat, check out this tutorial. She provides great tips to keep your hair manageable and style it without using hair tools. She uses products like the Pureology Leave-In Conditioner Hair Treatment and the Garnier Fructis Curl Construct Mousse to get the air-dried end result.

11 Hairstyles for Long Thick Hair

How to Deal with Thick Hair: Three Easy Hairstyles | Luxy Hair

If you have naturally long, thick locks, we have three swoon-worthy hairstyles just for you. All the hairstyles incorporate braids to get your hair out of your face, are super comfortable and also really cool-looking. She starts by brushing out her hair and then uses a rat tail comb to create a perfect middle part. She also uses hair oil to tame frizz and add some extra shine! You’ll also need hair elastics and you’re good to go!

7 Easy Heatless Hairstyles for Thick, Frizzy, Wavy Hair | wesochic

These hairstyles for thick hair are mostly heatless and easy to do for everyday looks. They take less than 10 minutes to do and will have you embracing your thick, frizzy, wavy hair in no time. From an easy wrapped ponytail to a casual half updo bun to an elegant French braid, these hairstyles are super gorgeous. She uses a pearl barrette, a scrunchie and regular hair ties for these looks.

How to Get Messy Beach Waves Starting With Frizzy Curly Hair | Julia Dantas

Transform your curly, puffy hair to non-frizzy beach waves! If you feel like your hair is super thick and unmanageable, this is the perfect tutorial for you. She starts out with the Marc Anthony Bye Bye Frizz Serum to add moisture back into your hair and give it some shine. She then uses a curling wand to get her curls then goes in with a texture spray to give her hair grit and texture.

If you’re a thick haired gal, we hope you loved these tips and hairstyles to keep your hair manageable, shiny and gorgeous!

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