Hair Volume That Lasts: 19 Volumizing Hair Products and Tips That Work

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19 Hair Volume Tricks and Products that Work | Want to know how to get more volume in your hair that lasts all day long? From teaching yourself how to get the perfect blowout at home (hint: pay attention to your roots!), to the best volumizing shampoos and products, to the best haircuts to add volume (hello, bangs!), these tips and tutorials will teach how to turn your fine, limp hair into sexy, voluminous locks that last! #hairvolume #hair #hairstyles #hairproducts #hairtutorials

Wondering how to boost your hair volume? If you have thin, lifeless locks, it can be a struggle to give them volume and definition, but with the right techniques and products, you can get the gorgeous voluminous hair of your dreams! Check out our best tips, products and tutorials to give volume to your hair!

How to Get Hair Volume: 5 Tips That Work

1. Use Dry Shampoo
Dry shampoo is a saving grace for so many reasons, and this includes giving your hair more volume. Since the natural oils in your hair weighs your hair down, it deflates the volume you already have. Create volume and texture by applying dry shampoo to your roots and throughout your hair. We recommend Batiste Dry Shampoo – it’s inexpensive, smells good, and gets the job done!

2. Dry Your Hair Upside Down
When you’re using your hair dryer, instead of drying it with your head straight up, flip your hair over your head and dry it upside down. This is an easy way to get more volume! Direct the hot air from your roots to your tips for best results. Since your roots are lifting off your scalp, if they dry in this position, it will give your locks an instant lift!

3. Flip Your Hair Part
Another simple way to get more hair volume is switching your hair part. You’re probably used to having your part on one side and although it may feel weird to change it, it will really help with volume. Flipping your part to the opposite side lifts volume at the crown, and you’ll get even better results the deeper you part your hair.

4. Back-Brush Your Hair
Using a larger paddle brush, back-brush the roots of your hair to create soft volume. Pin up the upper layer of your hair and work in sections, holding each section away from your head and brushing in a downwards motion at the roots – about three quick strokes. Use hair spray to keep it in place and let down the upper layer of your hair.

5. Use a Volumizing Shampoo
If you want more volume in your hair, you need a volumizing shampoo in your arsenal! Some shampoos weigh down your hair, so it’s key to invest in one that is formulated to lift your hair. We’re letting you in on our favourites below!

4 Best Volumizing Shampoo Products

1. Biolage Volumebloom Shampoo for Fine Hair: If you have fine hair that’s in need of some bouncy volume, this volumizing shampoo is the one for you! Inspired by nature’s expanding cotton flower, the formula gently cleanses the hair with minimal stripping and adds lightweight volumizing shine!

2. Kenra Volumizing Shampoo: This shampoo provides full body and fullness to hair that could use a little more oomph! It cleanses and conditions your hair without adding weight, controls frizz and adds strength and shine!

3. Fekkai Full Blown Volume Shampoo: Infused with citrus extract and ginseng, this silicone-free hair cleanser adds the perfect boost of volume to your strands. You’ll get lift that lasts all day long and you won’t have to worry about your hair going flat!

4. Biotin Shampoo for Hair Growth: Formulated with biotin, as well as provitamin B5, zinc, and coconut oil, this shampoo cleans the scalp of dandruff flakes, stimulating healthy hair growth. One of the best thickening shampoos, the b vitamin nourishes the hair follicle from the root to the tip, giving you improved hair growth and more voluminous body for your locks!

3 Best Volumizing Hair Products

1. Boldify Hair Thickening Spray: Want thick voluminous hair in a cinch? This hair texture and volume spray gives you a layered textured finish that will last the entire day! It gives you a light hold and natural definition that won’t weigh your locks down.

2. Big Sexy Hair Blow Dry Volumizing Gel: This gel pumps up your roots, giving your hair gorgeous volume and thickness. Infused with chamomilla recutita flower extracts and balm mint extracts, it also nourishes your hair and replenishes your scalp!

3. DevaCurl Frizz Free Volumizing Texture Foam: If you have curly hair, this is one of the best products to add volume! Formulated with a blend of lemongrass and sunflower, it will give your locks volume and touchable definition!

4 Best Haircuts to Add Volume to Your Locks

1. Angled Lob: An angled lob is a long bob that grazes your shoulders, and it will instantly add body and shape to your hair. It will give the illusion of more volume, especially when you curl it with a curling iron!

2. Shoulder Length and Blunt: You should keep your hair above your shoulders as longer locks weighs your hair down, taking volume out. Go for a shoulder-length blunt cut to make your hair look thicker.

3. Asymmetric Bob: If you want to add volume, asymmetry will be your BFF. A bob is a classic hairstyle, but an asymmetric bob will give you some edge, while also giving your tresses gorgeous volume and lift!

4. Add Thick Bangs: Thick bangs are a great way to pump up the volume in fine hair. Heavy bangs add density, bringing body to the front and making your hair appear fuller and more amplified.

3 Tutorials to Teach You How to Volumize Your Hair (techniques and hairstyles)

How to Get Big Volumized Hair | ThatsHeart

In this super simple tutorial, she shows you how to go from flat, lifeless hair to fully volumized locks! Using super affordable products like the Garnier Fructis End Plumper, the Garnier Fructis Mega Full Thickening Lotion, and the Remington Pro Pearl Curling Wand, she shows you actually how she transforms her lifeless strands to big, gorgeous locks!

My 5 Minute Ponytail Routine | Kayley Melissa 

A textured ponytail is one of the best ways to add volume to your hair. She uses a Wet brush and alligator clips to achieve the 5-minute ponytail – something we can all do easily every morning!

How To: Big Sexy Hair in Under 10 Minutes! | Arshia Moorjani

In this awesome tutorial, she shows you how to get big, voluminous hair using the T3 hot rollers, in under 10 minutes! Follow her steps as she shows you exactly how to get life and dimension in your hair!

Volumizing your hair doesn’t have to be hard! Use these tips and products to get the gorgeous hair of your dreams!

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