How to Cut Men’s Hair at Home: 10 Tips and Step-by-Step Tutorials

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How to Cut Men's Hair at Home | If you're looking for step by step tutorials to teach you how to cut your son's, boyfriend's, or husband's hair, this post has everything you need to know. We're sharing the best tips from barbers plus video tutorials with step by step instructions, including the scissor over comb technique, how to fade hair with clippers, how to blend hair on the sides, and how to cut long hair on top with scissors.

If you’re searching for tips and tutorials to teach you how to cut men’s hair at home, you’re in good company! We’re a month into social distancing as I write this post, and with many of us spending the majority of our days fielding call after call on Zoom, the novelty of going ‘au natural’ is starting to wear off. Men are starting to warm up to the idea of having their significant other cut their hair for them, and if you’re anything like me, you’re both excited and terrified at the same time. If you want to know how to cut men’s hair at home, these tips and tutorials are for you!

5 Hair Cutting Tools You’ll Need

If you want to know how to cut men’s hair at home, the first thing you need to do is invest in the right tools. Here are 5 things you can order fairly inexpensively on Amazon.

Professional hair scissors and comb
The blades on regular household scissors are too thick to cut hair and will cause the hair to bend around it as you cut. Investing in a set of scissors designed specifically to cut hair will not only make the process easier, but will also result in a more professional finished look.

Electric hair trimmer
If you’re attempting to fade hair at the back, an electric hair trimmer is another essential tool to invest you. You can also use this to trim sideburns and even out the bottom and sides of the hair.

Hairline shaping and neck hair shaving template set
Whether you’re cutting your own hair – or someone else’s hair – a hairline shaping guide will ensure you are maintaining a straight line along the neckline and cutting around the ears with greater precision. This is essentially like a hair cutting stencil – I highly recommend it!

Neck mirror
If you’re trying to figure out how to cut men’s hair at home on your own head, a neck mirror is a great investment to make as it offers a hands-free way for you to view the back of your head through another mirror.

Neck duster brush
The final tool you’ll need to invest in is a large brush to remove small hairs from around the ears and neckline.

How to Cut Men’s Hair at Home: 5 Helpful Tips

1. Be proactive
A great tip to help prolong your current cut and style is to avoid letting it grow too long before intervening. Trim around the neck and ears regularly, and trim the ends ever so slightly to maintain a more polished look as it grows. This hairline shaping and neck hair shaving template set is a great tool to use!

2. Start with clean hair
Before you start cutting or clipping, make sure you wash your hair first. This will make it easier to work with, and will ensure your cutting tools don’t get clogged with grease and residue from hair products.

3. Choose a well lit, easy-to-clean area to cut your hair
The bathroom is perhaps the best place to cut your hair as it likely has a mirror and tile or laminate floor that can be easier swept and/or vacuumed when you’re finished. If the lighting in your bathroom isn’t ideal, you may need to get creative. You might even consider cutting your hair outside in the natural sunlight using a portable mirror!

4. Use hair clippers on dry(ish) hair
It is next to impossible to cut hair with a set of clippers if the hair is soaking wet, and wet hair can also cause the blades of your hair clippers to rust. Opt for towel-dried hair instead, and make sure to fully dry your hair trimmer when you’re finished.

5. Be conservative
Remember that once you cut your hair, it takes a while to grow back, so start slow! You can always cut more if needed.

How to Cut Men’s Hair at Home: 5 Step-By-Step Tutorials

Classic Scissor Cut Short Back & Sides Men’s Haircut | Regal Gentleman

If you want to know how to cut men’s hair at home, and you’re looking for a basic short back and sides ‘do, this scissor over comb technique is so simple. All you need is a set of hair cutting scissors and a fine comb (this set on Amazon is a great deal!), and a set of hair clippers for around the ears and neckline.

How to Cut Men’s Hair at Home | Jet Atkins

Honestly, THIS is the kind of step-by-step ‘how to cut men’s hair at home’ tutorial wives and girlfriends across the globe need right now. LOL. I love the banter between Jen and her husband, and she does a great job of breaking down how to do a simple hair fade with a set of clippers. I especially appreciated how she cuts and blends the top of her husband’s hair – it makes me feel a little less scared for the moment I attempt to cut my husband’s curly mop!

How to Fade Hair Easily with Clippers | Sexy Hair

If you need a more detailed tutorial about hair fading, this is a great one to watch. She breaks it down and makes it look so simple!

How to Cut Your Own Hair | alpha m

If you’re trying to figure out how to cut your own hair at home, this is the tutorial for you! You’ll need a set of hair clippers, and he does such a great job of breaking down which ones to use, the best techniques for a gradual fade, how to clean up around your ears and neck, and I’m impressed with how he trims and blends the top of his hair.

The BEST Self-Haircut Tutorial 2020 | Alex Kouras

I wanted to include another step-by-step tutorial for men who are trying to figure out how to cut their own hair at home, and this one is perfect. I honestly wasn’t convinced he was going to be able to pull it off given the thickness and texture of his hair, but the finished look is impressive!

If you’re trying to figure out how to cut men’s hair at home, I hope the tips and tutorials in this post prove useful to you!

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