How to Depuff Your Face in the Morning: 6 Tips & Hacks

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How to Depuff Your Face in the Morning | There are so many causes of morning face bloat - too much/too little sleep, eating foods high in sodium, drinking alcohol, your menstrual cycle, and more. Thankfully there are tons of tips and hacks you can try TODAY to depuff your face ASAP. From using an ice roller or gua sha tool, to drinking more water and making small changes to your diet, to investing in the right eye masks and under eye creams, click for the best ways to depuff your face!

If you consistently wake up to a puffy face in the morning, there’s probably a good reason why. Whether you over indulged in chips and pizza over the weekend, are about to get your period, or had too many glasses of wine with dinner last night, morning puffiness is something we know all too well. Luckily, we also know how to depuff your face in the morning, so check out these tips and hacks, plus things you can do to prevent morning puffiness in the first place.

5 Common Causes of Morning Puffiness

1. Lack of Sleep/Too Much Sleep
A puffy face in the morning is often due to overnight fluid retention, which may be more noticeable if you get too little or too much sleep, or have an irregular sleep pattern. Lying down causes fluid to collect in the face, and your sleeping position and type of pillow can also intensify it, for example, if you sleep facing down.

2. Salty Foods
While a small amount of sodium is essential for your body to function properly, eating too many foods that are high in sodium can be bad for you. When you consume too much sodium, your body retains extra water, which leads to puffiness. Salty foods also make you thirsty, so people drink more, but this water ends up collecting in different areas, including the face. It’s important for your body to maintain a sodium potassium ratio, so prioritize potassium-rich foods like bananas, avocados, and tomatoes, especially if you’re consuming a lot of salt.

3. Drinking Alcohol
Alcohol increases inflammation in the body and is also dehydrating. As a response, the body may retain water where it can, including in the face. This can make your face appear puffy and swollen in the morning after a night out. Try drinking earlier in the evening, away from your sleep time and limit the number of drinks you have to avoid morning puffiness.

4. Lack of Regular Exercise
Working out opens your pores and boosts blood supply to the skin. As such, water and salt are excreted from the body through sweat. This keeps the water-salt balance in the body low and reduces puffiness. Regular exercise is key to maintain this balance and avoid looking bloated or swollen.

5. Your Period
That time of the month can cause fluid retention, so it’s common to notice swelling in your face in the morning before and during your period. Bloating is a super common symptom that often arises one to two days before your period, so if you experience period bloat, take extra care around this time.

How to Depuff Your Face in the Morning

1. Use an Ice Roller
Gliding an ice roller over your face in the morning feels absolutely heavenly. It works amazingly for post-sodium or alcohol bloat, as well as genetic puffiness. Ice rollers work by constricting blood vessels in the face, which minimizes irritation, inflammation, and puffiness. Make sure to direct your ice roller in upward motions to stimulate lymphatic drainage, which is what helps with de-puffing.

2. Drink Lots of Water
You’re less likely to notice face puffiness and swelling if you’re well hydrated. Your jawline and under-eye area, as well as the rest of your face, will benefit from drinking a lot of water throughout the day. Make this a part of your regular routine, and drink extra water on the mornings you’re experiencing puffiness.

3. Apply Eye Masks
If your puffiness is mainly in your eyes, try the Grace & Stella Energy Drink Eye Masks in the morning. With cooling and depuffing powers, they’ll leave your eyes fresh and revitalized. Formulated to counteract the effects of sun, poor sleep, and harsh makeup removal, they’ll give your eyes a much-needed hydration boost. With ingredients like hyaluronic acid, glycerin, and hydrolyzed vegetable protein, you’ll get a youthful, awakened glow.

4. Week of Massages: Day 1 De-puffing Lymphatic Drainage Massage | TheMoments 

A face massage will help reduce puffiness by stimulating lymphatic drainage. Movement and massage encourage the flow of lymph to help clear out some of the puff. When lymph circulation is impaired or overwhelmed, lymph fluid can build up, which shows up as face swelling or under eye bags. Try this massage for a morning de-puff. You can also use a facial oil for added hydration.

5. Apply a Caffeinated Eye Cream
Since the skin under your eyes is so thin, it can easily become puffy. A caffeine based eye cream like the Ronkie Eye Cream will constrict blood vessels and diminish puffiness and swelling. It instantly energizes and revitalizes the delicate skin around your eyes, helping you look refreshed. For best results, apply three dots to the under eye area and gently massage it in with your ring finger or the built-in metal applicator in sweeping motions.

6. Try a Gua Sha Tool
A gua sha tool, like the one by Grace & Stella encourages your lymphatic system to eliminate waste from the body. Rooted in ancient Chinese medicine, gua sha massage relieves facial tension, boosts blood circulation, and encourages lymphatic drainage to minimize puffiness and bloating. This one is made from 100% rose quartz stone, which is known for its purification powers, promoting self-love, and inner peace.

If you’re prone to bloat and puffiness in the morning, we hope these tips and hacks help you look refreshed before you head out the door!

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