How to Get a Flat Stomach: 10 Tips and Exercises That Work

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How to Get a Flat Stomach Fast | Tightening and toning your abs isn’t as hard as it sounds, and if you commit, you can expect to see results in a week! Also? Spending hours at the gym isn’t necessary. You can get a flat stomach without working out! If you want to lose belly fat and get a flatter stomach, we’re sharing 10 easy tips and exercises you can do at home for results that last. Click to find out what food you should be eating and more! #flatstomach #flatbelly #losebellyfat

Wondering the secret to how to get a flat stomach? We’re letting you in on our best tips and exercises that really work! It can be tough to know exactly what to do to lose weight, what advice to follow and what myths are out there. We’ve bundled it all up in one post so you don’t have to wonder anymore. Take a look at our guide to getting a flat stomach – with and without exercise!

2 Flat Stomach Myths

1. Crunches Will Get Rid of Stomach Flab
While crunches do help build your abdominal muscles, they don’t actually get rid of stomach flab. Cardio is what burns fat. Combine core exercises with cardio workouts at least three times a week to obtain a flatter tummy. Building your abdominal muscles will help you look great after you’ve shed fat around your midsection.

2. It Doesn’t Matter What You Eat As Long as You Exercise
If you want a flat stomach, eating healthy and exercising go hand in hand. You’re not going to get your desired results if you do one without the other. Pair regular exercise with foods that are healthy and won’t make you bloat – fiber, lean protein, greens, healthy fats and whole grains are key to a well rounded diet.

How to Get a Flat Stomach Without Working Out: 7 Tips That Work

1. Cut Back on Carbs
Carbs are a huge culprit for belly fat. Cutting back on carbs has plenty of major health benefits on top of weight loss, so it’s good for you all around. Watch your carb intake by cutting out empty and unhealthy carbs. Sugar-sweetened drinks, white bread and pasta, and fast foods are some of the biggest problems when it comes to weight gain.

2. Eat More Protein
In place of fatty carbs, fill up on protein. Protein such as eggs, lean meats and tofu help keep you full for longer so you feel satisfied and are less likely to snack between meals. Protein reduces hunger, helps curb cravings and also protects muscle mass during weight loss, so if losing weight is your goal, high-protein foods are a must at every meal!

3. Reduce Stress
Stress is one of the most unhealthy things for your body. It can lead to weight gain, low quality sleep, heart disease and more. Stress can lead to an increase of hormones like cortisol in your body, increasing hunger and resulting in weight gain. Some ways to reduce stress are avoiding caffeine, exercising, getting more sleep and practicing relaxation techniques.

4. Watch Your Snacking
Snacking can be a huge culprit of belly fat if you’re not careful! It can be so easy to reach for a pastry or bag of chips when you’re hungry, and not think twice about it. But poor snacking habits can pack on the pounds! Plan your snacks ahead of time and stick to foods like hummus and veggies, almonds and Greek yogurt for a healthy midday pick-me-up!

5. Stop Eating Out
Eating takeout all the time may be convenient, but it’s not doing any good for your waistline. If you want a flatter stomach, make your own healthy meals instead of eating out for the majority of your meals. When you make your own food it ensures you know what’s going into your meals and you can fill them with healthy, good-for-you ingredients that will help slim you down!

6. Portion Control
Portion controlling your food is huge to help you get a flat stomach. Many of us overeat at meals, especially lunch and dinner. The more big meals you eat, the more room your stomach will make. Start eating smaller portions at meal time, and you can even try portion control containers to help!

7. Stop Drinking Lactose Milk
Milk may be high in calcium, but it’s also high in a type of sugar called lactose, making it high in carbs. A splash of milk in your tea or coffee isn’t a huge deal, but drinking full cups of milk or using it in your daily latte is where the problem lies. Switching to milk substitutes like almond or coconut milk is ideal because they’re mainly water and have a low carb count. Most contain vitamin D, calcium and other vitamins, so you’re still getting nutrients!

3 Ab Workouts That Tighten and Tone

10 Minute Pilates Abs | Tighten and Tone Your Waistline | The Live Fit Girl

This workout focuses solely on Pilates to sculpt your abs and tone your waistline! It’s a great quick 10-minute workout that will engage your core, helping you achieve a flat stomach. All you need is an exercise mat and your body weight to get awesome results!

Tighten and Tone Your Waist With This Abs and Back Workout | POPSUGAR Fitness

I love this workout because not only does it target your core to give you flat abs, it also helps you sculpt a sexy back, killing two birds with one stone! From Russian twists to planks, deadbugs and more, they take you through a range of exercises that will help you get the flat stomach you’ve been wanting!

Hourglass Abs Workout- 5 Exercises for a Flat Tummy | Vicky Justiz 

Another great workout if you want a toned stomach, this video takes you through multiple exercises that tighten and tone your core! She includes bicycle crunches, high raises with scissors, plank dips and more. You’ll definitely feel the burn after this one!

Getting a flat stomach takes work and commitment, but if you’re willing to follow these tips and exercises, you’ll have a toned stomach in no time!

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