How to get beautiful, heatless curls that last

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Whether your prefer long, loose beach waves, or tight curls that have a bit more structure to them, this DIY tutorial will show you a quick and easy way to get heatless curls THAT ACTUALLY LAST. The technique takes a bit of time to master and you need to let the curls set, but if your hair needs a break from the damaging effects of heat tools, this look achieves sexier waves than the typical overnight braid technique. Trust me!

Several months ago, I shared 10 Tips to Teach You How to Curl Your Hair and Make it Last, and it has been the most popular blog post I’ve written.


I remember feeling nervous about publishing that piece as I didn’t think anyone would care about my tips for getting perfect curls, but as more and more people read that post, I came to realize how much I enjoy not only researching about things that interest me, but also sharing that knowledge with other people.

So I stopped sharing silly stories, like the time my in-laws saw me naked and the top 10 reasons I love having my period, and instead started to focus on things I’m passionate about, and I’m always amazed to find out how many other people out there love the same things I do!

And as it turns out, my hair posts always seem to do the best, and since I recently stumbled upon this tutorial by Luxy Hair that taught me how to get beautiful HEATLESS CURLS that actually LAST ALL DAY, I couldn’t resist sharing it with all of you.

If you found these tutorial as helpful as we did, please share it on Pinterest!

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