How to get bigger lips without lip injections: 11 tips that work!

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Want to know how to get bigger lips naturally without subjecting yourself to painful lip injections and permanent plastic surgery? The tips in these DIY tutorials will teach you how to get Kylie Jenner lips using makeup and household products you probably already have on hand. Sexy lips have never been easier!

Do you have small lips?

I do.

And since I (very stupidly) vowed I would never get any kind of plastic surgery or ‘work’ done to my body in an effort to teach my daughter to love herself inside and out, lip injections are completely out of the question for me.

Which is why I love YouTube.

Because without tutorials like the ones I’m about to share with you, I would have no idea how to get bigger lips, which would make it would be pretty hard to convince the rest of the world I even have a mouth, you know?

I’ve included 5 of my favorite lip enhancing tutorials below, each of which have taught me how to get bigger lips naturally by using makeup and various other household items I never would have even considered. And for those of you who need a more extreme solution, check out the lip plumper Michelle Phan recommends. It might be worth a shot!

1. How To Make Your Lips Look Fuller by Makeup Geek

This tutorial has 3 simple and easy tips to teach you how to get bigger lips with makeup. My biggest takeaway was to opt for LIGHTER lip colors as darker colors have a tendency to make your lips look smaller. Who knew?!

2. How To Get Bigger Fuller Lips Instantly by gossmakeupartist

You all know how much I love Wayne Goss. He is always wowing me with his makeup tips, and this trick of using shimmery eyeshadow to make your lips look bigger is amazing. Make sure you watch the clip right until the end so you can see the before and after shots!

3. 5 Ways to PLUMP Your LIPS! by Michelle Phan

If makeup isn’t really your thing, Michelle Phan has lots of great lip-enhancing ideas using simple household items. And if her techniques just aren’t giving you the results you want, check out her little tutorial about using the Fullips Lip Plumping Enhancer. The results are pretty fantastic, and I may just order myself one to see just how big of a difference it makes!

4. How to Make YOUR LIPS Appear LARGER! by Carli Bybel

I haven’t used lip liner since the late 1990s and figured that trend had come and gone, but Carli convinced me to go out and buy a few so I can play around with her technique for getting bigger, fuller lips. The finished look is so natural – I really love it!

5. How to Make Your Lips Look Full & Fabulous by Lisa Eldridge

We’ve already established that dark lip shades are not a good option when you have smaller lips, but if you absolutely must wear that hot red color you saw at Sephora, check out this tutorial. Lisa’s techniques really make a difference, especially if you were blessed with a smaller upper lip like me!

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