How to Style a Lob: 6 Step-by-Step Hair Tutorials We Love

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How to Style a Lob: 6 Easy Hairstyles | Sister to the bob hairstyle, there are tons of simple yet chic ways you can style shoulder length hair. Whether you prefer straight hair, messy waves, or lots of volume with layers, these step-by-step tutorials will teach you all the tips and tricks you need to get the look you love. Learn how to get waves with a flat iron, the best half up looks for short hair, how to get beautiful curls with a wand, and more! #lobhairstyle #lobhairstyles #howtostylealob

Feel like it’s time to switch up your hairstyle? You may want to consider a lob. Sister style to the bob haircut, a lob is a long bob that looks amazing on any face shape. It’s versatile and trendy and can be styled with bangs, without bangs, or however you like! If you’re wondering how to style a lob, you’re in luck – we’ve compiled 6 step-by-step tutorials so you can create gorgeous lob hairstyle looks without having to go into the salon!

What’s the Difference Between a Lob and a Bob Haircut?

A bob cut is a hairstyle where the hair is cut straight around the head at about jaw-level. It floats above the shoulders and is considered a short cut. While bob haircuts tend to be popular among older women, the lob haircut is one of the trendiest haircuts right now. Similar to the bob, the lob a variant of the bob cut – it’s a long bob. It’s the perfect balance between a short and long haircut, cut just above the shoulders, at shoulder length or just below.

Lob cuts are universally flattering on all face shapes, easy to maintain and extremely versatile. Lobs can be timeless and elegant or cool and edgy, and can be customized to suit your personal style. They look great in any texture – whether you wear them straight, wavy or curled, and you can wear them up or down, depending on what you have planned for your day!

How to Style a Lob with Bangs: 7 Ideas We Love

How to Style a Lob with Wispy Bangs – 3 Ways | Taylor Mobley

If you have bangs, you know what a struggle it can be to style them from day to day. In this tutorial, she shows you how to style a lob with bangs, not one, not two, but three different ways! She uses the T3 hair straightener to straighten and curl her hair, and don’t forget a strong hold hairspray to keep each of the looks in place throughout the day! From a fully down hairstyle, to a half-up ‘do and a top bun, you’re going to love these lob hairstyles!

How to Achieve Beachy Curls with Bangs | KerrRently by Courtney Kerr

Love the look of beachy waves? A lob is the perfect length to pull off a gorgeous, beachy curl, and if you have bangs, this tutorial will show you how to make it work for you! She uses the Hot Tools Curling Iron for her signature look and holds it in place with the Tresemme Tres Two Spray. She suggests doing this style with second day hair so your hair has more texture. Follow her step-by-step video and you’ll have the beachy waves and bangs you’ve always wanted!

How I Styled My Bangs | 3 Easy Ways | sichenmakeupholic

These three lob hairstyles with bangs are extremely chic – you’ll definitely want to wear your hair in these styles all the time! She uses the Olivia Garden Ceramic and Ion Thermal Brush with a hairdryer to help her bangs become smoother and shinier, with a nice, subtle curl. All three hairstyles are extremely easy and don’t take much time, so you can do them on your busiest days!

How to Style a Lob without Bangs: 3 Stylish Looks

How to Style a Lob | Easy Voluminous and Tousled Waves | Allana Davison

Voluminous tousled waves? Count me in! This has to be one of the prettiest ways to style a lob. She uses the NuMe Titan 3 to get her gorgeous waves and a texturizing hairspray to make sure she doesn’t lose her tousled look! She also uses the Bumble and Bumble Pret-aPowder Dry Shampoo to give volume to the roots and make the look last a little longer. Try this one out if you’re going for a beachy, wavy look!

How to Style a Lob | Short Edgy Hair | Melissa Alatorre

If you want your lob to have a cool, edgy vibe, this is the tutorial for you! She rocks an a-line lob, so it’s shorter in the back, with the front pieces a little longer, but this hairstyle will work for you whatever length of lob you have. She uses the Ouai Hair Oil to protect her hair from heat damage, and creates the edgy style with the GHD Curling Iron. She shows you how to get an intentionally messy look with your waves that gives off a totally edgy vibe!

How to Style a Lob – Short Hair Tutorial | Aja Dang

This lob hairstyle is simple and quick, making it perfect for your busiest mornings! She starts out with damp hair, and suggests using the Orlando Pita Atmos Shield Hair Protectant Spray. It’s so important to always use a protectant spray if you plan to use hot tools on your hair, and this one in particular protects against heat, humidity, UV rays and pollution. After you blowdry your hair, use your favourite curling iron (she uses the T3 Micro Whirl Trio) and follow her steps to create her gorgeous look!

Whether you have a lob or are thinking of making the switch, these lob hairstyles will ensure you do it in the chicest way!

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