Running Late? 29 Half Up Half Down Hairstyles for Lazy Girls

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29 Easy Half Up Half Down Hairstyles for Every Hair Length | Perfect for weddings, for prom, for work, for date night, and for casual days at home, these hair tutorials will teach you how to get the best half up half down style for short, shoulder length, and for long hair! We’ve also included ideas for gals with straight and curly hair, as well as simple styles with braids that are sure to wow! #halfuphalfdownhairstyles #halfuphalfdown #easyhairstyles

For the mornings when you don’t have time to style your hair, half up half down hairstyles will be your saving grace! Some of them may look like they take a lot of work, but they’re actually super simple and will make you look incredibly put together! Easy half up hairstyles are the ultimate lazy girl ‘dos. Half up hairstyles are some of the most flattering hairstyles around, and are a great way to break up your hair routine. From chic top knots to braided half up hairstyles, check out our favourite half up half down hairstyles for lazy girls!

11 Half Up Half Down Hairstyles for Short Hair

Easy Half Up Top Knot | Chancy Cone

A half up top knot is perfect for short hair since it will still make you look put together! It can sometimes be a struggle to get the perfect messy bun, but in this tutorial she gives you some great tips to help you master the look with short hair!

10 Easy Half Up Hairstyles for Short Hair | Milabu

With this tutorial, you get a whopping 10 easy half up hairstyles for short hair! From a high half ponytail with a voluminous pompadour in the front, to a gorgeous half up dutch braid, you’ll have hairstyles for every day of the week (and beyond!). For the curled hairstyles, she suggests using the Conair ¾ inch curling iron.

2 Half Up Half Down Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair

My Half Up Ponytail | Angelique Cooper

This hairstyle is super simple and perfect for second day hair! It’s the ultimate lazy girl hairstyle, but she gives you some awesome tips and tricks to master the fun little look. Wear it to brunch with the girls or even to the gym!

How To – Easy Half Up Style for Mid Length Hair | Theodore Leaf 

This hairstyle looks amazing from the front, back and profile view. It’s a casual hairstyle that can totally be dressed up with a more glamorous outfit and hoop earrings. He demonstrates how to perfect it on his model and you can easily grasp how to do it for yourself!

7 Half Up Half Down Hairstyles for Long Hair

4 Quick Go-To Half Up Hairstyles | Annies Forget Me Knots

These four half up hairstyles are absolutely gorgeous for long hair. They’re incredibly easy to do but will look like you put some real time and effort into each look! She uses Bumble & Bumble Hair Dresser’s Invisible Oil Heat Protective Primer to tame frizz and boost shine and smoothness.

3 Easy Half Up Hairstyles | Alex Gaboury

Simple, yet elegant, these half up half down updos will become your new go-tos! She uses the NuMe Titan 3 to curl her hair before putting it up, but all these hairstyles would also work for straight hair when you’re in a rush!

2 Braided Half Up Half Down Hairstyles

French Mohawk Braid | Missy Sue

One of the loveliest braided half up hairstyles, the French mohawk braid is simple yet edgy and the perfect way to elevate your everyday look!

Half Up Half Down Crown Braid for Short/Medium Length Hair | ThatsHeart

Braided updos are some of the prettiest half up half down hairstyles around. This crown braid is ideal for short to medium length hair and will make you look incredibly put together when you’re running late!

4 Half Up Half Down Hairstyles for Straight Hair

Quick Half Up Half Down on Straightened Hair | Jasmine Brown

This straightened half up hairdo will have you looking chic as ever. Straight hair doesn’t have to be dull and boring. Simply putting it up into a slick back half pony can make all the difference. Watch how she perfects the look in just minutes!

Easy & Heatless Half Up Hairstyles | elanna pecherle

Being heatless, these hairstyles are quick and easy and won’t cause heat damage to your strands. She demonstrates how to get each look flawlessly and they all look amazing on straight hair! Wear them to the office, out to dinner with friends or even to a special event! That’s right, these lazy girl hairstyles are super chic and versatile!

3 Half Up Half Down Hairstyles for Curly Hair

The Curly Half Up Bun Hairstyle | AndreasChoice 

You can’t go wrong with a half up bun for curly hair! To perfect this look you’ll need a blow dryer with a diffuser and the Garnier Curl Renew Reactivating Milk Spray. Follow her step by step to master this gorgeous look.

Curly Hairstyles in Seconds! Two Fast Half Up Hairstyles | Hair Romance

You can do both these half up curly hairstyles in under 90 seconds each! How’s that for lazy girl hairstyles? They’ll elevate your curly hair and give you versatility for when you want to switch things up!

If you’ve been searching for easy half up hairstyles, we’ve got you covered! Whether you have short, long, straight or curly hair, here’s a list of hairstyles that will work for you!

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