10 Easy DIY Bridesmaid Hairstyles for Long Hair

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Easy DIY Bridesmaid Hairstyles | If you're looking for the perfect updo or half up bridesmaid hair ideas for medium length or long hair, we've rounded up 10 simple styles you can create at home. Perfect for brunettes and blondes, straight hair, curly hair, and hair with natural waves, these classic, vintage, and boho updos will take your look from good to gorgeous in time for summer wedding season!


Every spring, wedding season rolls around and those invited to be part of the big day start to mentally add up all the costs. Of course, we all love being part of a bridal party. What could be better than dressing up and getting fancy to celebrate your pals’ long-term happiness? It’s just that between the dress, the shoes, the manicures, the showers and the ladies’ nights, it all adds up.

If bridesmaid duty is putting a strain on your wallet, there’s one area where you can definitely save a few dollars. DIY-ing your own hair and makeup is something many of us can figure with the right tutorial to follow. After all, most of us have been doing our own hair for years. With hairstyle ideas and guidance, it’s easy to come up with beautiful wedding-worthy hair.

Whether you have straight or curly hair, there are plenty of bridal hairstyles and formal updos to check out. We’ve rounded up a FABULOUS collection of DIY bridesmaid hairstyles for long hair. These bridesmaid hairstyle tutorials aren’t only easy to follow–the beautiful wedding day styles are easily recreated for free from the comfort of your own home (and you’ll still look gorgeous)!

So, get out your bobby pins and curling iron, kick back and watch these great bridesmaid hairstyle videos to get tons of DIY inspiration! Good luck!

Bridesmaid Hairstyles for Long Hair Video Tutorials

2-Minute Elegant BUN Hairstyle | MakeupWearables Hairstyles

An elegant, but simple bun is among the most perfect bridesmaid updos for long hair. It’s so easy because all you need to do is twist and wrap sections of hair. This low bun would look great with pretty combs, jeweled clips, tiaras or flower crowns. You can really do a lot with it because it’s so simple and chic. Of course, you’ll want to set it with plenty of hairspray on the big day, but aside from setting, this style will hold in place with the bobby pins as you see here in the tutorial.

Easier Than It Looks Updo | The Small Things Blog

As Kate says in this tutorial, this formal updo looks like you paid about $200 for it (but costs NOTHING to recreate—score!). This is one of the best hairstyles for bridesmaids with long hair because it looks so elegant and voluminous. She uses a rattail comb and clear elastics to form the foundation. Then it’s simply about rolling the hair and pinning as you go. This easy bridesmaid hair will look fantastic for the big day.

Double Rope Bun Hair Tutorial | Luxy Hair

I love Luxy Hair tutorials because they’re so easy to follow. Their hairstyles for bridesmaids with long hair are no exception. This style starts with pigtails and then divides the hair into easy twisted rope braids. You loosen the rope braids, similar to the way you’d create messy fishtail braids and then pin the tails into a rolled bun. The effect is so stylish—almost resembling a rose in the back. She uses a lift comb to add volume to the top and the hairstyle is beautiful and ready to go!

French Twist Hair Tutorial | Luxy Hair

Is there a hairstyle more glamorous than the classic French twist? This easy hairstyle updo tutorial from Luxy Hair is so easy to pull together. Of course, this is a perfect bridesmaid hairstyle, but it would also look great on a wedding guest (or even if you’re going out for a special date night). With a simple upwards twist, tuck and pin method, as demonstrated in the video, this style comes together so fast! It’s so classic and beautiful—a perfect updo in just five minutes!

Braided Updo Hairstyle for Medium/Long Hair | Lilith Moon

This braided updo starts with curled hair. She uses jumbo curlers overnight, which work great if you have straight hair. For girls with curly hair, you’re already ready to go! She uses a French braid technique on several sections of hair, loosening up the braid as she goes along. Similar to the other videos she backcombs her hair to add volume and fullness and secures it with a clear elastic. While this hairstyle looks a little more complicated than some of the other bridesmaids’ hairstyles, she walks you through each step and the techniques are easy to follow. This is a loose, pretty style that would look stunning with jeweled hair clips or flowers like she uses in the tutorial.

5 Minute Easiest Party Updo | MakeupWearables Hairstyles

Tina from MakeupWearables Hairstyles says this is an updo anyone and their dog could do—it’s THAT easy. You start with a series of ponytails similar to a faux fishtail braid. This hairstyle doesn’t require heat or backcombing so it’s great if you’re concerned about damage or breakage. The hair is twisted and pinned at the bottom of the fishtail. The final result is a romantic low bun updo perfect for a wedding (but it would also look great for prom, homecoming or a date with your sweetheart).

Quick Side Updo | Kayley Melissa

This quick and easy bridesmaid hairstyle tutorial starts by sectioning hair and securing each section with clips. She uses a curling wand to get great texture going in the back (but if you have a natural wave or curly hair skip the curling step). The face-framing front pieces are also curled and pinned to create soft layers to the bun and add visual interest. This really elevates this bridesmaid hairstyle to salon-level professional.

Brigitte Bardot Hair Tutorial | Luxy Hair

If you’re lucky enough to have long beautiful hair, why not opt for a style that lets you show it off? Every bridesmaid hairstyle doesn’t need to be an updo and some ladies feel more confident with their hair down. This is an easy, effortless style that pays homage to the gorgeous Ms. Bardot. It comes together very fast, adding volume and using a large barrel curling wand to get gorgeous waves. This hairstyle is playful, sexy and fun! This style is a big, pretty half-up half-down look that would be absolutely stunning with a flower or jewel crown.

Messy Bun with a Braided Wrap | The Small Things Blog

This messy bun with a braided wrap works for bridesmaids with any texture hair long enough to pull back. She sections off the front using duck bill clips and then works on pulling the back into a messy bun (although she explains the style also works with a ballerina bun as well). The front section of hair is braided in a traditional braid and then pulled back to meet the bun as well. The result is a beautiful, messy-but-elegant style that would look great on any bridesmaid.

Easy Wedding Updo with Curls | MakeupWearables Hairstyles

This easy wedding updo with curls starts by having a full head of curls (either natural or with a curling iron). The curls are individually pinned up in small sections. This creates a beautiful big curl effect that’s timeless and stunning. The end result is soft and elegant—perfect for a bridesmaid hairstyle. Best of all, it’s SO easy, using pins as you go. I love this updo!

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