10 Tips and Hacks to Get Your Hair to Hold a Curl

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10 Tips and Hacks to Get Your Hair to Hold a Curl | Some of us can create the most gorgeous beach waves or big, voluminous curls but within an hour, they've fallen flat. Whether you prefer heatless curls or the classic flat iron curl, there are some tricks you can try to make them last all day -- even without hairspray! If you want to know how to get you fine, straight hair to hold a curl, click for the best hair hacks, drugstore products, tips, and step-by-step hair curling tutorials!

Do you find it nearly impossible for your hair to hold a curl? It’s one of the most frustrating beauty woes, but if your hair falls flat soon after you curl it, not all hope is lost. There are certain techniques you can try and products you can use to get your hair to hold a curl. We’ve compiled the best tips and tricks out there for next level curls.

10 Tips and Hacks to Get Your Hair to Hold a Curl

1. Use Proper In-Shower Products
It’s important not to use shampoos and conditioners that are creating wax build up on your hair, as this weighs the hair down and coats the cuticle to the point that it’s hard to curl. Silicones are the most common culprit and add slip and shine to your hair, so that’s an ingredient you want to stay away from in your in-shower products.

Even if you’re using quality products, make sure to thoroughly rinse your hair. If conditioner is left in your hair, it creates an oily residue that doesn’t react well with heat. It also creates a barrier that keeps the heat from activating the curl.

2. Your Tools Matter
Curling irons come in a variety of materials including ceramic, tourmaline, gold and titanium. Ceramic and tourmaline irons are ideal for curling as they have even heat distribution and control frizz.

Look for a tool with a digital heat setting so you can ensure you’re using the right amount of heat for your hair type. If you have thicker hair, you should be using a higher heat setting than someone with thin or fine hair, but no one should be using heat over 350 F. Using the proper heat setting for your hair type will ensure your curls hold.

3. How to Make Curls Last | Kayley Melissa 

Check out this tutorial for the best tips and tricks for how to curl your hair and how to make your curls last. If you have hard-to-curl hair, this is definitely the video for you. She lets you in on the changes you may need to make to your hair products and haircare routine and offers suggestions for products with the best hold. In her video, she highlights products like the Bumble and Bumble Soft Mousse, and the Bumble and Bumble Thickening Blow Dry Balm.

4. Second or Third Day Hair is Better
If you want your curls to really hold, curl your hair on the second or third day after shampooing. Dirty hair tends to hold curls better than clean hair since your natural hair oils help hold curl. If your hair is looking or feeling a bit greasy, spritz on some dry shampoo before you start the curling process.

5. Prep Your Hair
If you’re not able to wait a few days to do your curls, proper prep after washing is key to hold your curls. First of all, you don’t want to weigh down your hair, so wash with a light moisture shampoo and conditioner. After showering, spray some mousse and thermal protector on your damp strands and blow dry your hair fully. If your hair is damp, it won’t curl as well. You can also prep your hair with a setting spray to help lock in your curls.

6. Try Hot Rollers
If your hair is thin, fine or has a hard time holding a curl, try hot rollers rather than a curling iron. If you haven’t used hot rollers before, you may need some practice with them, but you’re sure to get the technique down. Let the rollers sit in your hair for a minimum of 10 minutes, but closer to 30 is ideal.

7. How To: Long Lasting Voluminous Curls *My Hair Curling Routine* Tips and Tricks | Imsarahselmi 

This is another great tutorial that teaches you how to create long-lasting curls. She brings you step by step through her hair curling routine, handing out tips and tricks along the way. From how to prep your hair to the best way to finish it off, you’ll learn all you need to know to get your hair to hold a curl. She recommends products like the Gisou Polishing Primerduck bill clips and the Bumble and Bumble Texture Spray.

8. Utilize the Hot to Cold Method
Since your hair technically curls when your hair cools down from being hot, the hot to cold method can help hold curl. Make sure your curls cool in their shape. Pick your hair up right after it comes off the iron and clip it up with a duck bill clip to cool. When you take it back down the curl will be much more robust.

9. Avoid Touching It
It’s so tempting to run your fingers through your hair, especially when it’s nicely curled. But this is one of the main reasons your curls aren’t lasting. Avoid touching your hair as much as possible to keep your curls in tact. Use a hairspray with a strong hold if your curls are prone to falling.

10. Switch Up Your Curling Iron Size
Another reason your hair may not be holding a curl is that you’re using the wrong iron or barrel size. If you want your hair to hold curls for longer, switch to a smaller barrel size. If you’re using a 1 ½ inch iron and your hair is always falling straight, a smaller size may do the trick. Try a 1-inch iron and see how that works, or you may even need to go smaller from there.

You’re on your way to long-lasting curls with these tips, products and techniques! Try them out and learn to love your curls!

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