10 Tips and Hacks for the Perfect DIY Blowout

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10 Tips and Hacks for the Perfect DIY Blowout | Want to know how to give yourself a perfect salon blowout from the comfort of your own home? We're sharing the best tricks and step-by-step tutorials for perfecting the DIY Brazillian blowout hairstyle on short or long hair. Click for all the deets, including the right hair dryer, brush, and finishing products you need to get a voluminous, bouncy blowout that lasts! Put a modern twist on the classic 90s look with these tips, hacks, and tutorials!

Not many things can beat a fresh salon blowout. There’s just something about sporting those perfect, bouncy curls that makes you feel so gorgeous and confident. But what if we told you you can get those same results at home? It may take some practice, but once you’ve got your technique down, it’s easy to create a DIY blowout at home. Follow these tips and hacks to perfect the 90s look.

10 Tips and Hacks for the Perfect DIY Blowout

1. Get Rid of Excess Moisture
You’ll want to towel dry your hair well before you start to style it with heat. This will cut down the styling time and helps protect your hair from too much heat damage. Wear a microfibre towel for five minutes after getting out of the shower to absorb excess moisture. Microfibre towels also reduce hair breakage and minimize friction and frizz.

2. Use a Prep Product
Prepping your hair makes all the difference for a bouncy blowout. Using a hair prep product will help prevent frizz, protect your hair from heat and give your hair some volume. Choose a prep spray that suits your hair’s needs (hydrating, volumizing, etc.), and keep in mind, if you have thicker hair, a more heavy-duty prep product, like a styling cream or oil will work better for you.

3. Face Framing Fringe
If you have bangs or shorter layers at the front of your hair, you likely want to create a face framing swoop that fits perfectly with your blowout. Set the crown section of hair with a roller, and let it sit while you style the rest of your hair. Leave it for about 15 to 20 minutes and watch it unfold into the perfect face framing fringe.

4. Create Volume at the Top, Not the Sides
Volume is key to a good blowout, but you want to make sure you’re creating volume in the right place. Focus on creating volume at the top of your head, rather than at the sides. When there’s more volume at the sides, it looks a little puffy, whereas volume at the top gives you that true 90s blowout vibe.

5. Easy Hair Rollers Tutorial | Salon Blowout At Home | Tina Engeo 

This tutorial shows you a simple way to get a salon blow out from the comfort of your home. She uses the hair roller technique to create gorgeous, bouncy curls and gives you step-by-step tips on exactly how to get the look. She uses tools and products like the Revlon Hair Dryer Brushvelcro hair rollers and the Colour Wow Frizz Control Serum. The final result is stunning!

6. Use a Blow Dryer with a Concentrator Nozzle
If you’re using a hair dryer without a concentrator nozzle, you’re doing it all wrong. It concentrates the air and helps in directing the airflow exactly where you want it to go. It’s key to getting to hard-to-reach areas and is one of the most important accessories you can use for a DIY blowout. The concentrated nozzle also helps make the cuticle of the hair lay flat so it will be shinier and less frizzy. Invest in a blow dryer with a nozzle or you can buy an attachment.

7. Choose the Right Brush
You want to make sure you’re using the right tools for your blowout, and this includes your brush. Boar bristle brushes are ideal when creating a DIY blowout because they smooth the hair more than a plastic or synthetic brush, resulting in less frizz. If you’re using a round brush, consider the barrel size. The smaller it is, the tighter the wave or curl you’ll create. The larger it is, the larger the wave and more volume you can get.

8. Use the Right Amount of Tension
If you’re using a round brush and blow dryer to style your blow out, using the right amount of tension is key. You don’t want the tension to be so tight that it pulls or tugs, but the hair should be taught on the brush. You want it to be straight, but not pulling. The curlier your hair is, the closer you’ll want to get to the scalp to reset the shape from the top all the way down.

9. How To: Salon Blowout at Home | Peyton Silva 

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to give yourself a blowout using a round brush. She’s a licensed hairstylist, so make sure to take notes! You’ll need products like a round brush, the Davines OI Oil and the Davines OI All in One Milk. She offers awesome tips and hacks to get the perfect 90s blowout, so you can perfect it yourself!

10. Apply a Finishing Cream
When you’re done with your blowout, apply a finishing cream to the lengths and ends of your hair to seal in moisture and prevent frizz. The UNITE Second Day Finishing Cream adds effortless texture to your locks, while controlling frizz and providing thermal and UV protection. You’ll love the delectable vanilla bean scent and what the product does for your hair!

If you’ve been wanting to create the perfect DIY blowout at home, these tips, hacks and tutorials are sure to help you get there!

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