26 Cute and Easy Hairstyles with Beanies for Winter

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26 Cute and Easy Hairstyles with Beanies for Winter | Whether you have short, shoulder length, or long hair that's straight, wavy, or curly, beanies make the perfect hair accessory for second and third day hair and/or when you're enjoying a lazy snow day. Unfortunately, getting you hair to look good with a hat on is never as easy as girls on TikTok and Instagram make it seem, but I promise it's not as difficult as it look. If you want to skip the shampoo, check out these easy beanie hairstyles!

When winter rolls around, throwing on a beanie ensures you stay warm while looking cute. It’s the perfect way to brave the cold temps in the most stylish way. Beanies are also perfect for lazy hair days when you don’t have the time or energy to do too much with your hair, but still want it to look good. Whether you’re heading to the ice skating rink, are walking around a winter market, or are planning a cottage trip with friends with lots of snowy activities, here are 26 cute and easy hairstyles with beanies no matter your hair length!

7 Hair Essentials You’ll Need

  1. Beanie
  2. Hot Tools Curling Iron
  3. CHI Original Flat Iron
  4. Andalou Naturals Hairspray
  5. Eleven Australia Texture Spray
  6. Small Clear Elastics
  7. Hair Ties

6 Hairstyles with Beanies for Short Hair

1. Double Messy Buns


This is such a cute way to style short hair with a beanie. It’s super easy and only takes a couple minutes to do. You’ll need products like a tail combhairspray, and a flat iron to style the front pieces. It’s a unique beanie hairstyle you don’t see all the time, and it’s perfect for winter!

2. Perfect Waves


One of the simplest (and prettiest) ways to wear your short hair with a beanie is to curl or wave your hair first. Use a curling iron to get the perfect wave, then spritz some texture spray to help hold it in place. Throw on your favourite beanie and take on the winter in style.

3. Braided Pigtails


This hairstyle requires you to do a double French braid (check out this video if you’re new to braiding!). It’s super easy once you get the hang of it, and all you need for this hairstyle is two clear elastics, and of course, your beanie of choice!

4. 3 Beanie Hairstyles


This short video features three super easy beanie hairstyles, including a hair tucked back style, two spiky buns, and two twisted braids. They’re super easy to follow along and create yourself. All you need is small elastics, and if you want to start out with curled hair like she has, run a curling iron through it before moving on to these hairstyles.

6 Hairstyles with Beanies for Medium Hair

1. Low Bun Hairstyle


If you’re feeling a super lazy hair day, this low bun beanie hairstyle is for you. Simply take a few pieces of hair out at the front, then collect the rest of your hair and tie it into a low bun. Finish it off by using a curling iron to curl the front pieces and then use hairspray to keep everything in place!

2. Baby Braids with Waves


To get this winter hairstyle, start off by creating waves in your hair with a curling rod. Use a texture spray on them to give them some grit and the messier look. Then create two baby braids at the front and hold them in place with tiny clear elastics. This look is so simple to do and looks like you’re ready for the ski hill!

3. Messy Braids


If you want a relaxed, casual beanie look, place your hair in two braids and tug at them to loosen them up. Secure them with clear elastics and pull some pieces out at the front to make it look a little messy, but still put together and cute.

4. 3 Ways to Style a Beanie


In this short clip, she shows you how to style a beanie three different ways for medium length hair. The first look you can easily get by curling your hair with a curling iron. The second look is double buns, so you’ll need small elastics to hold them in place. The third look is a side flip-through ponytail with pieces at the front. Wear these anytime for a stylish winter look.

8 Hairstyles with Beanies for Long Hair

1. Spiky Buns


This double bun hairstyle is perfect if you want to get your long hair up while wearing a beanie. Split your hair down the middle, then create a ponytail on each side. Wrap your hair around to create messy, spiky buns using hair ties. Pull some pieces out at the front for a super cute look!

2. 3 Braided Hairstyles


This video includes three braided hairstyles- twisted braids, classic braids, and bubble braids. The twisted style is probably the most complex. The trick? Twist each strand one way and then wrap them together in the opposite direction to help them stay. She begins with gorgeous curls in her hair, so if you want the full look, use your curling iron and some hair oil to start.

3. Messy Boho Braid


We love this messy boho look! This hairstyle is perfect for second or third day curls. Follow her easy step-by-step demonstration to create this boho look and get your hair up and away from your face. She uses clear elastics and you’ll also want to spritz some hairspray to keep it in place.

4. Style a Beanie 3 Ways


Here’s another three ways to style a beanie with long hair. If your hair isn’t naturally wavy, consider putting a wave into it first with a curling wand. The first style she does is an easy low ponytail, followed by a low messy bun. She ends off with space buns and keeps a few pieces out at the front for each look!

These beanie hairstyles are all so cute and will ensure you take on the winter in style!

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