As If! 40 90s Hairstyles for All Hair Lengths

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90s Hairstyles for All Hair Lengths | The 90s hair trend is BACK and arguably better than before. In this post we share the best step-by-step hair tutorials for 90s inspired trends for short, shoulder length, medium, or long, curly, wavy, or straight hair! Whether you're looking for a blowout with layers, simple braided hairstyles, or an updo with bangs, this post is for you! You'll also find a list of 90's hairstyle tools to buy so you can try these nostalgic hairstyles yourself at home.

There was something about the 90s that was so fun and carefree, and it came through in the beauty trends of the times. Many 90s hairstyles were truly iconic, from braids and twists to fun accessories like claw and butterfly clips. While some hairstyles were questionable (think frosted tips), others continue to be on trend over 30 years later. From the iconic 90s blow out to face framing styles and the half up half down hair flip, here are the 90s hairstyles that are still making waves today and exactly how to do them.

6 90s Hairstyle Essentials to Invest In

1. Claw clips – there may be nothing more quintessentially 90s than the claw clip and you can find them in a range of colours, sizes and designs.
2. Barrettes – barrettes are another accessory you need for 90s looks. Available in different colours and patterns, they suit a variety of 90s hairstyles!
3. Butterfly clips – nothing quite says the 90s like butterfly hair clips. Use them to create a hairstyle for a fun night out with the girls or to wear to your favourite concert.
4. Velcro rollers – to create the iconic 90s blow out.
5. Curling iron – a 1 1/2 inch curling iron will also assist with the 90s blow out look. The bigger the barrel, the more voluminous the waves.
6. Flat iron – use a flat iron to straighten or curl your locks for these fun 90s looks!

21 90s Hairstyles for Short Hair

1. Easy Short Hair TikTok 90s Y2K Hairstyles to Try | Sophie Hannah 

We’re starting off strong with this tutorial which includes 10 90s inspired hairstyles for you to try! You’ll see these hairstyles all over TikTok – they’re super cute and perfect for tons of different activities and occasions! You’ll need 90s inspired accessories like butterfly clipsthin hair ties and colourful barrettes!

2. 90s Inspired Hairstyles for Short Hair | Fast and Easy | Olivia DeMuro

These short hair 90s hairstyles are quick, easy and oh so trendy. She breaks down how to create 5 different hairstyles, all of which take minimal effort and can be done within a few minutes. They’re also all heatless! She uses products like a fine toothed comb, a claw clip and butterfly clips.

3. Easy 90s Inspired Hairstyles for Short Hair | Tabitha Gingerich

These short hairstyles are perfectly 90s. They’re super cute and trendy and also easy to create! She uses colourful hair tiesbarrettes and scrunchies to really give off that 90s aesthetic. From a braided look to a half up high ponytail, double pigtails and more, you’re going to have so much fun with these hairstyles!

11 90s Hairstyles for Medium Hair

1. 90’s Hairstyles! | Katherine Rose 

These 6 90s hairstyles are perfect if you have medium length hair. All of them are super simple and easy to do for any occasion, from a dinner with friends to a concert to date night. You’ll need products like a teasing brushhairspray and bobby pins.

2. Half Up Ponytail Hairstyle | 90s Ponytail Hair Flip Tutorial | Cheryl Rocha 

This half up hair flip style is so Bella Hadid and SO 90s! It’s a super chic hairstyle and if you’ve been wondering how to get the look, she shows you step by step exactly how to do it! She uses products like the Utena Matomage Styling Stick, a curling iron and the Ouai Wave Spray.

3. 90’s Inspired Hairstyles! (Quick and Easy) | Marla Catherine 

Check out these 4 hairstyles that are all inspired by the 90s, from a twisted style to a flipped out high pony with a side part and more! She gives you her best tips for how to make these hairstyles look polished and seamless and every style is super wearable! You’ll need products like a dry shampoo, a flat iron and round brush.

8 90s Hairstyles for Long Hair

1. 90s Voluminous, Bouncy Roller Curls | alysia loo 

There’s nothing more iconic than a 90s blow out. These voluminous Victoria’s Secret-inspired curls are easy to do by following this tutorial. You’ll need a set of velcro rollers (the larger the roller the more voluminous your hair will be), the Conair Inifiniti curling iron (but of course, any curling iron will do) and roller clips.

2. TikTok, 90’s, Pinterest Inspired Hairstyles | Luna Montana

If you love getting hair inspiration from Pinterest, you’re going to love these 90s hair tutorials. With 6 hairstyles to choose from, you can wear them for numerous occasions! For these hairstyles, you’ll need products like mini hair clipsclear hair elastics and a claw clip.

3. Quick & Easy 90s Ponytail Tutorial | Trendy | Anife 

This 90s ponytail is chic, trendy and super simple to do! Follow her step by step tips as she creates this look, using products like hairspraythick hair ties and a boar bristle brush. You can wear this hairstyle elegant and dressed up, or dress it down for a more casual look – either way you’re sure to stun!

90s hairstyles are back and bigger than ever. If you’ve been feeling a nostalgic itch, try these hairstyles to create the look!

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